Mystic View ads repeated after installing software

Recreating the issue:

  • View advert on Mystic Vision

  • Install the advertised app by clicking on the install now link, that guides you to Google Play, where the advertised app is installed.

  • press the back button on the Android 9.0.1 phone to go back to the game.

  • advert is repeated while on the game’s loading screen.

  • click x at the end of the ad.

  • enter the game, the mystic Vision link is still there.

  • you have to watch another ad before receiving your mystic Vision awards.

So, in order to get the prize of mystic Vision if you happen to install the advertised app, you have to watch 3 ads (I don’t know if it is relevant, but the ad for the app I installed and the ad appearing during the game loading sequence (where the vampires and everything appear) were the same, but the third ad I had to view once back in the game from the still there Mystic Vision link so that I finally receive the awards was different.

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