Mystic titan issue

Just hit titan 3 times was up top now right at the bottom on all

Don’t seem normal is this a bug?

It is completely normal, everyone are also hit mythic titan… I mean since we do not know your score, etc… so it is normal.

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1352 top attack and I’m right down the bottom

Rank or score?

(20 more questions)

Rank bud. and top hit at 958 rank but still right down the bottom? I’m sure that’s not normal right or am I going crazy

Right just checked again and now jumped to 5% from bottom 25% obviously something not right and there defo a bug messing with the ranking scores not for all maybe but four some might need to check this out and sort it plz

Ahhh. The game just didn’t happen to update in real time, as it was always the case.


Hope so don’t want it to change again and stiched me up with decent loot. after the ham fiasco :rofl:. Need some nice loot especially as I’m a FTP player

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Yeah. SG is hard-hearted. Didn’t even budge to the pressure of the players. They will regret that.

Maybe it’s my eyes, but I can’t work out what colour it is even? How do you tell?

It’s a Blue titan… :+1:

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I’m kind of reminded of the colourblind guy who said “seriously, peanut butter isn’t green?”


Rage is over about it now tried and failed lol . But it’s a shame this is how they are. Players are trying to like the game but things like this just pushes grate players away.

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I’m new here so can’t start a new bug report. Maybe someone can report it for me? In the Raid Tournament, Bloody Battle that just started, I was in a battle and killed heroes around Kashhrek. He was then standing alone. He used his special and healed himself, but healing isn’t supposed to work in the Bloody Battle. Right???

Yeah defo shouldn’t of heal bud but wouldnt surprise me as the game has plenty issues lol. If you got proof post it bud. if not I’m not sure thay can do anything about it.

Might be a case of you will hav to take this one on the chin.

Yes, next time see it take screenshot if Kashhrek doing +0. Healing special is work, but the healing is +0 HP, so… you should take screenshot or record video next time.

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I just came here to check about that. So it is a blue mythic titan. But WTH, my first hit using my best antiblue titan team and only scored 270k. Its the lowest ive done on a first mythic titan hit.

It still belong to the top 1% though. But i am afraid it wont be for long…

Titan froze after 4 sec… :frowning:

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What you witnessed was the special skills animation, but I can just about guarantee no healing was applied, but his defense up vs red would have been activated. You should see a little icon, I think top left, that shows a heart with a stroke through it.?

I’ve been playing this game for almost two years, yes I know what the animation looks like. I watched his health bar rise after his special, then it took more turns to defeat him. His heart was not crossed out. He was standing alone so only healed himself. It was very weird.

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