Mystic Summons scams 150 gems

There is an issue with the Mystic Summons where you tap the free pulls, but the pop up button isn’t free, it takes 150 gems from you. You can see in the background the button I have tapped and the non-related 150 gem scam button that has appeared.

You may be able to stop yourself in time before you tap this 150 gem button, but in a game where you’re constantly tapping away ads and also you just think this is a confirmation for the action you yourself initiated and you should have no reason to think something entirely else happens, you easily just go ahead and tap this. I wrote in the in-game chat and informed of this trick scam, but I was refused the refund.

I’ve spent a lot of money on this game and 150 gems is nothing, but it’s the principle, you can’t scam people like this.


I think that’s the problem.
If you keep on tapping, like for MV it can get a kind of ‘reload’ so instead of a new video it just automatically gets you to the normal 150 gems pull.
Just tap once and it should work, tapping more leads to the issue you mentioned.

Edit1: It happened to me too, if that makes you feel better, but since I found it to be a me problem, I learned to be patient instead.


To be fair, I only tapped the button once.

It happens when the ads fail to load it still shows the mystic summon icon instead of 150 gems icon

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So the pop-up button could say “Ad failed” and not “Hey! Your free gift ain’t coming, but how about we take your money instead!”

Imo the confirmation to spend those 150 gems popping up should be a dead giveaway for the fact that the add fail to load. You still have to accept it before it ‘rips you off’ as you’ve put it.

Nope. There are confirmations ALL THE time that you just swat away.
“Are you sure you want to feed Dawa away?”
“Yes, yes, go away!”

If one suddenly said you will lose 150 gems while feeding the Dawa, 50% of players would lose their gems.

Now, I know this bug now and have not replicated the mistake, but once was enough. You can’t make players pay for bugs.