* Mystic Meadows * ~ seeking fun, active, adventurous players, 3800tp ~ Must like Cake..... & Cats! 🐱

New openings available after war.

Come join us now and learn the “Mystic Way”. Where you can be appreciated for your uniqueness AND passion for team fun.

Must be active, have 3500+ tp, 30+ maxed heroes, and use line app. (Note: We are Family Friendly). Roster on heroplan is a plus.

Rediscover your joy in game play with us!

Contact Ice Saber at saberofempires for more information.


Always seeking fun, friendly, active players to share our adventure.

Candidates should be:
Wise as an owl.
Brave as a lion.
Clever as a fox.
And what a magical mystical mix that is!

Mystic Meadows

3500 + tp
30 maxed heroes
*Line app use required

Casual & Competitive

:cupcake:. . :smiley_cat:. . :birthday:. . :cat:. . :birthday:. . :smiley_cat:. . :cupcake:
Must love cake… and cats!
(Other critters a welcome bonus.)

Sister alliance to the ORIGINAL Misfit Toys.

Inquire or visit today.
Contact saberofempires

Come join or visit today.

Send inquiries to:
Ice Saber at saberofempires or
Rook at chibipotato16

 ⭐ 🎂 🐱 🎂 ❤️ 🎂 🐱 🎂 ⭐

   MUST love cake... And cats!

 ⭐ 🎂 🐱 🎂 ❤️ 🎂 🐱 🎂 ⭐

Looking for active, fun, adventurous players.

Tp = 3500+
Line App
Family Friendly

Contact Ice Saber on Line at:

Be sure to check out our sister alliance (the original Misfit Toys) too!

Tell their cat, “Ice” sent you. :blush:

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Cute Christmassy ads. :slight_smile:

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Mystic Meadows wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas.

If you’re looking for good cheer and support in this strange holiday season, look no farther. It’s here in Mystic Meadows.

Fun & active players welcome to join or visit. Must :heart: love :heart: cake … and cats!!

TP = 3500+
30 maxed heroes

Line * USE * required.
~ Family friendly ~

Contact Ice Saber at saberofempires.

Come visit for the Holidays.
Stay cause you :heart: love our cake… and cats!!!

:grin:. :snowflake::crossed_swords:

Wishing everyone at E&P a Happy Holiday!


Still recruiting.
Active & Fun.
Casual & Competitive

Message saberofempires for more info.



Seeking cheerful companionship and fun game play?
Want friendly support when everything else is still a bit strange?
Join or visit Mystic Meadows gathering of active players.

TP = 3500+
30+ Maxed Heroes
Line use required
~ Family Friendly ~

contact Ice Saber at saberofempires for more info

Must love Cake … and Cats!
Casual AND Competitive

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A little puzzled about a change of alliance in the new year?
Mystic Meadows helps you put the pieces all together.

Fun and active.
Casual and competitive.
Must love cake… and cats!

(Click the link and enjoy!)

Best of wishes in the New Year!
May the boards ever be in your favor and RNG bless you with new 5* heroes in your summons.

:grinning: :snowflake: :crossed_swords:

Here’s a hint for the puzzle above:


Happy New Year!!

:snowflake: :crossed_swords:

contact Ice Saber @ saberofempires
Visitors welcome

If you’re f2p or c2p and looking for active, friendy & fun, come visit or join Mystic Meadows. No Pressure to buy offers.

0 No Spending Req - sign

Must :heart: love :moon_cake: Cake… And :cat: Cats!!

:snowflake: :crossed_swords:
Saberofempires on line app

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Do you have a playful Mystic side?

Come join our fun and friendly gaming family and find a new adventure. Active players welcome to visit or join Mystic Meadows.

Contact Ice Saber at

Tp = 3800
30 maxed heroes

Family friendly
Line use required

Wars optional/all flags
Titans daily + 3 flags

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Mystic Meadows

Wise as an owl.
Brave as a lion.
Clever as a fox.

All the creatures of the meadow are welcome here.

Seeking fun and active players.
3800+ tp
30 maxed heroes
Family friendly chat.

Join or visit now.

:snowflake: :crossed_swords:
Contact saberofempires on line.


Bumpity bump for one of my fav leaders :slight_smile:

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Fun, active & experienced.
Visit for best fit.

Rook at chibipotato16 or
Me, Ice Saber at saberofempires

We have gathered tiramisu and red velvet and chocolate fudge…you know you want a bite (or a whole slice!)

Buzz at the door and join us for cake (cats optional) :grin:

Line ID: saberofempires


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