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You have any idea what it is that you liked in cult of luna and Julie Christmas?
Maybe I have some more in the same direction :wink:

I like the hints of expansive ambience. Also the female vocals are less abrasive on the eardrums over a few tracks! I enjoy a sci-fi gothic atmosphere

Buckethead, my go to guy, is 98% instrumental so I also liked the snippet of long distance calling but I haven’t listened to all the stuff in detail yet.

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You are definitely the most interesting religious person I know of, Jonah


Well I hope that’s a positive thing :laughing:

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Oh, 100%! I realized after posting that “interesting” isn’t always necessarily good, but was too lazy to clarify.

I started to get into a whole thing about how/why most religious folks are inherently unintersting for many of the same reasons as they’re religious in the first place, but this isn’t the place for it, and frankly I don’t have time to get into the sort of depth that sort of discussion would necessitate. But when you revealed above that you are religious, I became instantly fascinated, and am now dying for insight into your mind. Which is probably biting off way more than I can chew! =-]

LOL. Case in point, as I continue reading these interviews:

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Well I’ll give you just a tiny smidgen into that :wink:

  • I don’t have all the answers, and I’m as imperfect as everyone here; my ideas and beliefs grow and (hopefully) mature
  • I have a science degree from a research University including modules in paleoclimatology. I don’t consider science and religion to be at opposite ends of a spectrum.
  • I strongly believe that in order to bring what’s positive about my faith to the people around me, I have to be part of culture and society, where it’s healthy for me.
  • Love your neighbour…



Words to live by. If only the people in charge of, like, world governments (as opposed to the people in charge of, like, gaming forums) had the same outlook!

If there IS a spectrum, I’m on the science-y side of it, but that means I also can’t prove G-d doesn’t exist, so at least it’s a continuous spectrum. Something about a flying spaghetti monster.

The dash in “G-d” is vestigial evidence of my (highly “reformed”) Jewish upbringing. My devoutly Catholic wife is evidence of my lack of certainty on the topic.

Aaaand you’ve managed to suck me into the discussion despite my alleged lack of time to engage in it. [shakes fist menacingly]


Well let me give a bump with mine :fist_right: :fist_left: :wink:

Now there’s no menace (apart from viral :unamused:)


Oh well damn, I guess we’re going there then…

I usually try to avoid the subject of religion myself, because it tends to lead to all sorts of bad stuff.

Bo lo and behold, I see here on this forum, an actual civil conversation on the topic. On the internet.


For reference. My mom’s side of the family is 100% Catholic. Though I guess the E&P game equivalent would be “casual” Catholics, if one were to compare “number of times going to church” with “number of flags used on the titan”… :roll_eyes: :laughing:

My dad is a flat-out atheist. The rest of his family are all staunchly religious. He literally gives zero Fs. He doesn’t believe in anything that he can’t see or prove himself, and couldn’t care less about what anyone else thinks about his opinions or what happens to his “immortal soul” once he dies (he doesn’t think there’s even a such thing as “souls” anyway, so once again, he literally could not care less).

He’s not a bad person at all, and he doesn’t go out of his way to mock anyone else for their beliefs. He just doesn’t buy any of it.

Personally, I’ve veered all over the spectrum before finally just deciding on “agnostic”. Which I know sounds similar to atheist, but I personally actually think there probably is a “god”… I just can’t either prove or disprove that, and I don’t know anything at all about him/her/“it”(or “them”?)… and I’m not even going to try to pretend or assume that I know anything about what does (or doesn’t) go on outside of my tiny realm of knowledge.

I used to get chastised by religiously minded folk when I confessed that I wasn’t entirely sure I bought into all the stuff they believed in… and carried a bit of a chip on my shoulder because of it. I mean, it’s kinda hard to not take it personally when a bunch of people tell you that you’re going to burn in hell for all eternity. :laughing: Why? Just because I questioned something? That doesn’t really seem fair. Would seem to me that a fair and just god might understand why some of us might be a tad bit skeptical.

On the other side of that equation… I personally lean more towards sciency explanations for stuff myself, however… “there are more things in heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” I’ll be the first person to admit that I don’t have all the answers. Pretty sure nobody does. Even though I do believe in evolution, expansion of the universe etc., all of that, none of it explains exactly how or why we’re here. Physically? Yes. But why the consciousness? Seems to me that life could easily exist without such ridiculous attributes as love, sadness, free will, self-awareness, etc. Not only that, but it would probably thrive a lot better without them… :thinking:

IDK. Like I said, I don’t have all the answers. Or any of them, really. Simply food for thought. I just keep chewing, hoping that eventually I’ll be able to break down enough pieces to be able to swallow. In the meantime, I withhold judgment on anyone else’s personal beliefs.


I like that analogy

That is also very wise


I already did that. You can be the second person :laughing:


Maybe in this thread. But I’m going to go out on a limb (based on one of your pics) and guess that I’m probably a tad bit older than you…

Either that or you just age better. I don’t have a ton of mileage, but the miles that I do carry were hard miles. :grin:


@JonahTheBard! Since you didn’t do all the tags I actually missed this one for a while. But I am very happy to have found it today, as I am trying to shake off a horrible’s night’s sleep in which I constantly had nightmares, considered getting up multiple times (for the rest of the night) between 2am-3am, and finally gave up a bit later. So it is pleasant to find something diverting.


  1. Better: hard cheeses or soft cheeses?
  2. Favorite complement (can be a cracker, topping, beverage, whatever) for cheeses?

Martial Arts

  • Iko Uwais is incredible. If you haven’t checked it out, Wu Assassins on Netflix is worth watching. It’s not substantial in any way, but the action is satisfying. Unfortunately, Mr. Uwais’ lack of acting talent really limits his movies. It is also regrettable that I haven’t yet found him in a role where the scriptwriters and directors have found a way to navigate his inability to speak English.
  • I occasionally get interesting answers to this question: who do you think is Bruce Lee’s spiritual successor? Bonus points if you have an answer for the same, but with the Shaw Brothers.


With you. Though I enjoy almost all film and TV adaptations. I think the best is Sherlock (the BBC version, also available on Netflix). Easy answer for me since I’m a Cumberb*tch. I find Downey’s interpretation better than adequate. Kind of meh on Johnny Lee Miller and Elementary.

Anyway, I wanted to share something I heard the other day that I think you’ll find interesting: I was listening to a podcast on Tolkien and they were discussion the idea of foresight. For example, Aragorn presages Gandalf’s…well, no quite demise, but he thinks that something bad will happen, let’s say…problems in Moria. Elrond is also reputed to have some gifts in this area.

Where I’m going with this is that, unlike Star Wars’ kind of clichéd take on this (i.e., Yoda simply closing his eyes, watching what we imagine must be akin to a movie reel, and then clicking back in and saying, “Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future.”), LOTR appears to have a much more nuanced idea of this ability. More like a reasoning out of future events in a probabilistic manner. And it occurred to me that this is essentially what Holmes does constantly in most interpretations. I’m oversimplifying the discussion I listened to, but essentially that knowledge of the future comes not from viewing some magical crystal ball, but through the sort of deductive process for which Holmes is famous.

Actual Game Question

How many TC20 do you tend to run, historically?


I don’t really know how to phrase this question. What I am wondering, is what makes Jonah Jonah? One of the things I most admire about you is your creativity, wit, and cleverness. Where does that come from? Where do you draw your inspiration from?


@TGW and @sleepyhead, thank you both for sharing so frankly and vulnerably. Though I felt compelled to flag all your posts as off topic for Jonah to review, :stuck_out_tongue: I found reading your exchange uplifting.


Let me sort out the next interview, which I’ll tag, and then I’ll hit you back


@IvyTheTerrible, hope your sleep tonight is better ! nightmares away, may you get enough good experiences today to give you pleasant dreams :slight_smile: and thanks, it’s really nice of you to say. happy you liked my exchange with @TGW (and TGW, I did too - you’re a cool guy!) . I WAS worried we were taking the attention away from @JonahTheBard in HIS own thread, but I figured - the initial goal WAS to uplift the community, so… we were contributing to it, I guess :slight_smile: As long as we weren’t hogging the thread too much :wink:


I’m a big boy, I don’t mind sharing the room with other folks :wink:


I figured :wink: but thanks for affirming. (I use that word A LOT because it’s one of my favorite songs ever - Affirmation from Savage Garden, lol)

completely agree, and in a completely good way :wink:


Wrists duly slapped :wink:

Hard cheese in general, soft for special occasions

For a dried-fruit Wensleydale, I like quite a plain cracker. I want a crisp, savoury counterpoint to the creamy sweet tang of the cheese.

I will have an extra mature cheddar with just about anything…pies, meets, potato dishes.
But a nacho with melted cheese is one of my favourite comfort foods. All the better with a child sour cream, guacamole and jalapenos.

I’m thought you might mean fairly literally, in the sense of who is directly carrying on passing down his tradition and philosophy, in which case I don’t know.

If you mean, in the broader sense, who is pushing the envelope and bringing a new paradigm of Eastern martial arts expression to mainstream cinema then one might be tempted by Iko Uwais and Yayan Ruhiam, however since John Wick3 they are now almost caricatures of themselves.

Ten years ago, I’d have said Tony Jah, his physical expression was astonishing but while he was quite an amiable protagonist, he lacked the Lee’s ability to project himself as a warrior poet.

So who now…I dunno, lol. Have you seen Old Boy?

Firstly, I’ll agree that some Holmes interpretations are good fun, like Downey Jr, they very rarely really ring true to the original character.

As to this point, there is certainly truth in this that I can attest to at a basic level. As someone who works in law enforcement, one certainly gains an ability to ‘see the future’ based on experience. It’s very much a process-driven area of work and once people make decisions that place themselves at the beginning of a process, it’s easy to extrapolate your response and their reaction with a high degee of accuracy. Nowadays, when I hear a news headline and a bland police press release, I can predict 90% of the story.
I’m sure it’s the same in lots of professions.
Do recall Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft? He is credited with Elrond-like prescience in that he is able to analyse seemingly unconnected policies and events and predict their interaction.

Depends what I need :grin:. When I’m up to date with all my decent summon, I run four. I’ve just maxxed four 5*, which is a huge deal in my vvc2p career, so now I am running two while I tinker with Cheshire cat and a couple of costumes.
Realistically, Marjana is the only big-ticket item I have left to look forward to, with maybe Azlar and Kadilen proving useful on occasions. Other than that, I need to keep busting through that pay wall!

Wow… nature or nurture time :laughing:
Faith, politics, philosophy, parentage, society and the RNG of life.
I’ve always enjoyed this sort of thing, wrote for the school magazine, produced hours of awful video sketch shows at university etc
I’m an awkward blend of the arts and sciences, lacking the precision to be a first class (or even third class) mathematician but finding the vagaries and relativism of the arts frustrating. Similarly, I’m also pretty good at reading a crisis situation and building rapport with just about anyone (I’ve negotiated safe outcomes from several suicide attempts) but don’t understand why my wife isn’t talking to me :rofl:

Inspiration and influences - all the normal British Comedy and Satire stalwarts - Rowan Atkinson, Monty Python, Simon Pegg, Terry Pratchett and Private Eye magazine.


I mean, if we’re going to the gutter, Jonah,


I’ll let you decide if I’m over the line on forum rules. :slight_smile:

Re; Bruce Lee, I meant it the way you answered. I’ve seen a few Ong Baks, not sure of any other Tony Jah, though enjoyed those! I’ll keep him in mind if I see him in something. I have seen the original Oldboy (not the remake).

Yes! Mycroft! I read the complete works within the last few years, and was surprised to learn about him. I only read…I don’t know…probably The Hound of the Baskervilles in school. Anyway, I know what you’re saying. Until I read more I wasn’t aware of Mycroft, who Doyle writes as Sherlock’s mental superior, with Sherlock being substantially more physically adept. This is actually something the BBC series really gets right.

You’re a fascinating person, Jonah. Get well!


I’ve lost all moral authority at this stage :rofl:


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