Mystery Offer – December 2018

The only mystery is how many Ulmers I’m going to add to my collection. The RNGods think I need like 5 for every day of the week.


Hahahaha… :rofl::rofl: i think ulmers very like you

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Oh my goodness do they ever. I’ve probably gotten 15 of them in the last month. Too bad I don’t love him as much as he loves me! :sob:


There is no indication that the misterious offer may not apear??? It’s a fraud, at least. It says 200 gems + mysterious offer… a lot different than 200 gems + a chance to get a mysterious offer.

I have been collecting Valen. Have four. One Ulmer.

Is it me or does he look like a golfer? Even his special sounds like a golf stroke!


It’s not a chance, you get it always once you’ve bought ALL 5 of the 200 gem offers.

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hahahahaha … I am now laughing at your post, because you have 15 ulmers :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


20 feeder heroes


Add me to the unhappy list.
It was misleading to say the least.
It says 5 in stock + plus mystery offer.

I fell for it and spent $1.39 to get 200 gems.
I looked everywhere for the mystery offer when I saw that it offered again 200 gems.

It deception at best. Should have come here first to see what people are saying about this.
Had I know I would not spend the money and rest assured because of this stunt I will not spend any money on this game. Devs enjoy my $1.39. Thats all you get from me.

Sorry if its sounds harsh for my first post. I have been playing for couple months and overall feel that the game is designed to take people money away with the hero randomness draw and I understand that and thats why I didnt spend any money. But this was just deceptive. Shame on me for assuming it was anything else.

I wouldn’t call it deceptive. I see the 5 offers there clear as day. I didn’t expect the 6th offer but when pointed out to me by @Witch I was like “duh.”

I can’t say I’ve seen anything deceptive here. I’ve seen a few things worded poorly and people got confused, but not deceptive - at least since odds have been posted.


BS offer as always. Im not surprised anymore.

I understood what was meant by “5 in stock + mystery offer” but it would have been clearer to say “buy 5 to unlock mystery offer”.


I can agree with this 20 times.

This is sad. Christmas happens once a year while Atlantis is once a month. However, apparently they decided that altantis offer > chirstmas offer. I would rather buy the Atlantis offer with coins than this (if ur budget is limited of course.)

How does anything “free” suck…I don’t understand…Think this needs moved to the Rediculous complaints thread to be honest.

I’m not sure I understand. You’ve got 5 days to think about this offer. Why not wait, see what the Atlantis offers look like, then makes an informed decision?


400 gems +25 coins for $2. Its the same everytime.

I’ll admit the wording confused me aswell but I do belive it was unintentional and not meant to trick to me.

I buy the VIP Pass, all the 0.99 USD offers and nearly all of the 1.99 USD offers as a CTP. I also bought Rudolph’s offer becaue it was essentially a better version of the VIP Pass. I’ll admit the mystery offer is also very tempting, I’ll think on it for a few days, but it is a good deal. Even without the tokens the dollar per gem ratio is stupendous in comparsion to other offers.

You get a troop summon, 3 seasonal/epic hero summons, plus an extra 100 gems you can either save for more summons or buy roster space or extra team space with. I think SG may be trying to get the CTP players to be slightly less CTP with tempting sales. Nothing wrong with that business strategy but make sure not to impulse buy everyone!

Edit: USD Screenshot

I’d rather pay for ascension mats than get free summons tokens…something free but useless is worthless to me.

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I have bought the quest specials for today that is 1$ and it gives 200 gems + mystery offer… I have bought 3 already and have gotten no mystery offer…

Is it a bug?

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