Mystery Offer – December 2018

So has anyone uncovered the mystery offer

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What did it cost if I may ask?

It’s £0.99 in UK

20 mysteries

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expecting mats , disappointed

and its not Mystery anymore since all people got same Offer LoL , nice joke

5 usd

Disappointed for a 4 day offer

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Last one was $4.99 US



For reference, what was the 200 gem offer in UK or $? I need € price :smiley:

200 gems für 1,09 Euro, mystery offer was 5,49 Euro


This was the worst offer out of the bunch and a complete disappointment. The last few were awful too. I bet the free offer on the last day sucks as well. So frustrating…

lack of creativity , 4-days offers without any special stuff or surprise , well Happy holiday everyone

I actually think it’s a decent deal. $0.99 for 200 is about the cheapest they get. Then you get gold coins and an extra 700! I’ll probably do this.

Someone above said $4.99 for the last one. Did they add them up (in which case it’s $4.95) or is the last pull more (so the deals closer to $8.95)?


Actually, it was a really good offer. Better than last year.


there are 5 offers for 0.99$, the mystery offer only unlocks if you get all 5 and it is 700 gems + the tokes for 4.99$, making it a very good offer.


Thank you. Perfectly clear. So in all, 6 offers that sum up to $9.94. This gives you 1700 gems and some gold coins. I agree - good deal.


There will be the usual buy 100 Atlantis tokens offer soon I’m sure too

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amazing deal but I guess some people aren’t happy unless there being given everything for free. I can see threads a few months from now “Small Giant this is BS I have to play the game. improve the auto AI so I can have it play on my behalf. Worse Game ever /s” seriously people be thankful.


What I like is the word play.

First the mystery of what is offered, then the offer is also a mystery since only RNGoddess knows what you will pull with the Epic Hero and Epic Troop tokens.

Just tickled my sense of humor.


200 gems

20 more offers