Mysterious Tonics

Whats up with the tonics? I’ve only gotten 2 in six months and have spent over $1000.

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Are you completing Shrikewood every time it comes around?


The tonic rate has nothing to do with how much you spent unless you bought guaranteed ones.

I have gotten 12 in about 13 months playing. 6 of which went to Lianna and the other 6 are waiting for someone better than Horghall or Kadlien.


that’s where I got my 2 tonics from

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I spent gems in shops as well

How often is Shrikewood?

I don’t recall if I bought any tonic deals. I am C2P and buy offers occasionally. Never hit above an 8* titan. Maybe I have been lucky. They seem to come in groups for me.

That seems to be the only Ascension item I’m not getting.

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Well that is quite common. I lack fine gloves all the time for 3* mats.

For 4* mats I have gotten 10-12 of each plus d blades and tomes in 13 months.

But I have friends who have a lot of what I don’t have and I have a lot of what they have.

Well I need those tonics so I can get my 5 * nature ready for battle

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Each rare quest pops roughly every 8-10 days (I assume 10 because I like neat math equations).

7 x 10 days = 70 days / 30 (1 month) = You should see ALL quests—and get one of each ascension materials on the list above if you complete the quests—in just over 2 months.


There are two accounts in my family. And between the two of us that play we have three Tonics. I’ve been playing for a year and a half and I’ve had 7 tonics. The only heroes that I want ascend right now are green and I’m getting fed up with this game. It’s taking all the fun out of it. And don’t get me wrong I knew this game would take a long time to get anywhere. But this is ridiculous

There was a post recently that had a lot of data about people’s total ascension mat counts and tonics were around 25-33% lower for most people. I’ve certainly not seen one since last shrikewood. Wouldn’t surprise me if one of the sources might be missing them from the loot table or its drop rate is off by an order of magnitude in one place.

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Still waiting for that 29.99 “build your army” pack with a tonic in it. We had a blade, rings, and now a telescope… they’re filling the same pattern of the rare quests so the tonic should be next.


Who is the last one in the line for Tonics? I’ll take a place too. :smile: My Lianna is sitting at 3.70 waiting for the 6th Tonic.

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Seems like almost everyone in the game community has had minor issue here and there.
I’ve got six mysterious tonic but I am keeping it for another worthy hero who may pop up soon. Kadilen is just too common.
I badly need a royal tabbard for Kunchen tank though.

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I got one today for the 9 star titan we killed.

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I am in the same boat here. I need 47 tonics have only gotten 7 tonics (including shrikewood) in 12 months. Have gotten at least 12 of all the others.

8 tonics in 12 months. And today I got one from hero chest. But my team was too weak to complete my first Shrikewood (and possibly second - I don’t really remember if I finished it or not)

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I’m stuck at the very same spot. Can you buy the tonic right out??

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