Mysterious Tonics Missing

I have been playing this game for quite some time now and I’ve noticed that the mysterious tonics seem to be missing. Is this a bug or are they the rarest of the ascensions. I can’t seem to get any of my nature characters pass their final Ascension. Someone please let me know what am I doing wrong.

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I have 5, been waiting for 9 months for one more


You should be getting one tonic every shrikewood. Have you been able to complete the final level on that quest? Tonics are my rarest ascension item as well. I’ve had a total of 7 in about 6 months. My most recent one surprised me today actually…in a platinum hero chest.

I’m not meaning to brag, but people don’t believe without proof.


It appeared rare to get than others, so it seems to me too, but that is looking at just a few people’s perspective , the RNG may make it abundant in some quarters, a number of my alliance members had their 5*green heroes too waiting at 3/70 for a very long time including mine, yet a few had ascended, the surest source is shrikewood, all others are random. On the other hand, without ample data, it’s scarcity compared to other mats may just be a bias perception.


I don’t know about bias perception. It seems to be pretty much everyone is short on mats in one way or another.

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Low probability random events produce weird streaks, but there’s no rhyme or reason to it. It can be super frustrating though. Darts are my need item right now, and I’m relatively flush with Tonics.

@Hrairoo has the right suggestion: keep doing the rare quests every time they’re up. Shrikewood will net you a shield and tonic each time it comes around. They’re on a fixed schedule, which you can find on the forum.

Beyond that, accelerating your chests with gems is a relatively cheap way to increase the rate of getting elemental chests, which often have 4* mats in them.

Fighting tougher titans can also increase the number of rolls for ascension materials you get. Getting up to loot tier IX gets you a third ascension material roll per titan, which is huge over time.


Stupid question:

Are mats just 1/7 or are they reweighted by number of heros by element everytime new ones introduced?

Until the other day - I believed tonics outside of strikewood are a myth lol … 4* stuff seemed to start showing up a bit more often once I hit 30.

I was running 3 to 1

Tim said in the AMA that they’re totally random, and that they’ve made no attempt to alter which ones you get or the distribution of them, and haven’t altered drop rates for any particular source after release.

So it’s all just RNG being RNG, like @Garanwyn said, which produces streaky results.

My personal distribution of 4* color specific mats in 9 months varies from a low of 8 (Tabards) to a high of 15 (Telescopes).


@Vixx Here, we interpret “totally random” as uniform 1/7. While it might make sense to weight them by # of 5* of each color, that doesn’t appear to be what they have done.

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I’ve actually received a number of mysterious tonics from the Mystic vision.


I’m barely past the 1 year mark and I just got my 6th tonic last week-from a diamond raid chest. I couldn’t complete Shrikewood for a long while when I started though (ftp/c2p).


Im not the only one on my team that has this problem. Its been 7 months and only 4 tonics 3 of which are from the quest. I know some on my team have a problem with getting 5* heroes which I have received quite a few at least 5 of them are HOM. Im not trying to complain but 5 nature heroes with 4 tonics seems like a couple of years wait. Im just curious if this is an all around issue.

@Mojo1 thats very unfortunate i hope your luck changes to redeem my hopes

I also got 9 tonicums in total throughout my time of playing while I got 20 of the Darts. With such low drop rate you get differences like this.

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Well like I said, part of it was it took months just to be able to get the “guaranteed” tonics. Now that I’m in diamond tier and hitting a Lot harder on Titans I’m sure it won’t take nearly as long to get 6 more. Gotta say though, when you’re struggling to put a decent team together and Lianna is sitting there waiting at 3/70 for 4 months, it hurts. Lol. All part of the process though, I think. I’ve got Hatter waiting now and I love him but imagine maxing Everyone you have right now…what fun would that be? And let’s not start on the P2W thing…or should we? Lol. It’s slower than I would like but it’s a fine line to walk from SG’s point of view. Too fast and it would break the game. Imo.

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It’s fairly common for players to have an item or two they are short on due to random variance. I’m short on telescopes and trap tools for instance. That’s just the nature of randomness, even if you roll a 4* mat there is no guarantee it’s the one you want.


lol, ive only gotten 2 tonics in 6 months. but ive gotten 10 telescopes. oh well.

Can someone check the drop rate for tonics I’ve been playing this game for at least seven months and has spent lots of money and now I’m starting to get bored because I can’t level up my nature Heroes. Please fix.

During the recent AMA, the SGG Staff said that the drop rates for ascension mats are random for each item within a rarity group, but that that ends up meaning the number any player gets of one item vs. another can be extremely uneven.

They even said they have the same frustrations as players themselves.

They seemed to be confident in the drop rates.

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… the ‘mysterious liquid’ in tonics has been found to ferment into vanishing potions. Unfortunately - we will need to take down wars to fix this issue, change the recipe and brew replacements…

Seriously though - they are my rare too. But I got one recently :slight_smile:


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