Mysterious tonic?

Did i miss something or does no event or mini event have a tonic as an end prize. Talking realistic prize… not finishing in top 10 of big event.
Dont seem to see one anywhere

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There is a rare quest for each non-farmable ascendancy material, 2 each quest on a rolling 7-10 day rota… So each is available every 7-8 weeks

So every year from rare quests alone you are able to collect enough materials to ascend a rainbow 5* team

Shrikewood is Rare quest that offers tonic on final stage. Should be coming around 27th Dec, next rare q after Umber that started just recently.


Talking EVENTs. He is right isn‘t he? Maybe one will come in spring:)

Shrikewood rewards you one tonic for completing the final level. 50 days ago (give or take a day or two) SG actually generated this one for us earlier than we were supposed to get it for us as an apology for a war glitch. The next shrikewood should come soon I think.

As for challenge events, to get 4* ascension materials you have to place high enough unfortunately. The only unfarmable ascension materials you can get for completing the events are all 3* mats.

As for seasonal events; I assumed we could get a Mysterious Tonic from the spring event since we can get a shield, but after checking this guide apparently we can not. :(. Tonics are definitely the rarest 4* ascension item for me to run into so hopefully SG modifies the rewards the next the spring event coems around


Eastern event contains a tonic I believe, so we have one of each AM in the seasonal events.

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The easter event did not have a tonic as a reward according to this guide

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I could be wrong but I believe we didn‘t get one? But it would make sense that it contained a T. But following the guide it didnt. Hm…

Hmm, might be. But I highly suspect it will be there the next time.

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