Mysterious Tonic just up and disappeared!

Im no different then everyone else with Greg, Lianna, Tarlak, ect…ect…Just sitting at 3/70 with week after week going by with… No Mysterious Tonic in site! Unless ofcourse we all want to make a $99 pack purchase. Amazing how a player receives ONE M.T. if a player is willing to spend $99 ! Sure were willing to spend here and there monthly. But Small Giants greed will be the overall downfall to the game . …You produce fantastic, well put together Heros . But what good does spending the money on Gems do. To try to build these Heros. If the needed multiple acsenion materials aren’t going to be even somewhat available… Im a level 55 player thats been at it for roughly a year and a half now. Im frustrated and asking myself almost daily. Why still do this? The greed is getting sadder and sadder !

I agree, Tonics are the rarest of the 4 star mats and they dont find their way into offers unless it’s one of the most expesive ones. I wonder if they do keep track of what they put where other than the calendars.

And to add insult to injury…We’re talking about an item that a player needs SIX of, just to accomplish the needed upgrade! Now apply that issue to the new Hero tags and you look at Cleric . Where Elkanen is by far the best 5* available for that group. But literally at this rate it’ll be 2020 by the time I collect enough Tonic (by accident)…

I have 3 Evelyn’s a lianna and one tonic between them for months now. I do have 17 orbs and 7 darts but no holy hero yay me

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What are you talking about? It’s RNG. But in the devs specific meaning. Some items are more touched rng, some less. Everything is ok for them, because they have great lie for having peace of mind - rng :joy:

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