Myriad of issues: Hero cursed after crash, can't submit support ticket, and more

Between playing ninja tower levels I was doing some auto-farming and the game crashed. When I restarted, the last 7 messages in alliance chat showed as new even though they had previously been read and a hero I used in my last ninja tower level was cursed even though i had cleared all the curses from it during my last run. When I clicked on support to submit a ticket about the cursed hero, all I got was a bunch of help topics and no way to actually submit a support ticket. And while in the support menu, I noticed that according to E&P I am not signed into Game Center but according to the settings on my iPad I am signed in. Long story short: Things seem to be very messed up.

The issue with the game crashing and alliance chat messages appearing as new when previously read has been happening a lot lately, but didn’t really cause me any problems so I didn’t try to report it. But now I’m wondering if all this stuff is interconnected and there is some bigger issue.

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