"Mykuls Titan" - 60,000 Alliance score, fighting 6 to 7 star Titans and Alliance wars everyday. Need 800 cups to join. FULL

Mykuls Titan

Hi All,

We are a 25 member strong Alliance that is looking for 5 more members that are in it for the long haul.

There are 4 rules we strictly adhere to:

  1. Be online everyday
  2. If online fight the Titan
  3. Minimum 5 flag hit requirement per Titan
  4. Must partake in Alliance Wars

We are currently downing 6*s but really need 5 more members to progress further.

You want to be part of a real awesome alliance, come join us immediately.

PS, when a Titan is simply too strong we let is go, and start saving flags by the 11hr mark.

We have a BIG GUN group of 6 members that are hitting more than 50% of the Titan HP, they are key to getting that good start, who knows maybe you are also a BIG GUN that can join us?


Our Alliance sounds very similar and we are in the same boat with needing a few more to round out our group. I have see many Alliances in similar struggles because there are frankly too many alliances out there. We have been discussing trying to fin another similar alliance to join forces with and create an “A” and a “B” team. This way all the Big Guns could take in higher level Titans and the newer players could work with some elders on the “B” team to get better and grow. If you would like to talk abou this let me know. We have a Discord channel and would be happy to invite some of your team to chat about it sometime. If it’s not something you guys would consider, we wish you the best of luck with your search to round out your group! Our Alliance name is Rebel Forces.



I will chat to our Leader Mykul and ask him to come reply here.

We are still looking for 4 members to come and join! Currently have a 6* to deal with and an AW approaching, join quick!!!

4 spots left. AW starts this week again and you need to be in before Prep phase … quick@

I would like to join.

Just request Join … Christina will check and approve.

Spoke to Christina … waiting for you

I dont know how to do it.

Go to Alliances search for “Mykuls”, click on Mykuls Titan. Request join.

Nothing happens when I click to the name. Only the language icon show some text.

How many trophies do you have?

I have 1282 trophies.

Okay are you in an alliance now? You need to be without an alliance

Maybe this is the problem. I will leave now.

Yes, the button appear. Thank You!

Pleasure! Its a great Alliance enjoy it there!

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