My worst moments in this game

First off don’t get me wrong: I know the boards are all random and I’m not complaining about randomness. But it is amazing how much randomness can show you the middle-finger…
I just want to share my worst moments of bad luck which just appear to happen more often than the occasional super-chain-reaction.


  1. I am facing Guinevere as the center tank
  2. I have double stacked purple
  3. There’s a block of five tiles of which I only need to move one to get a diamond
  4. This block is directly in front of Guin
  5. It’s of the color I left out to double-stack purple
  6. It’s the only possible move on the entire board
  7. Upon making the move, the diamond gets auto-fired
  8. It triggers both Guinevere and a counter-attacker standing next to her
  9. Go back to step 3.


  • 15 seconds before the round ends
  • Everyone in my team is Wu’d up
  • Boldtusk buff is active
  • I get a huge chain reaction
  • It’s mostly of the weak/missing color
  • All strong tiles miss thanks to Gambler’s Stance
  • It ends up with an almost full column (just need to move one tile).
  • The column is of the strong color
  • It’s directly in front of the titan’s weak spot
  • The chain reaction ends 4 seconds before the timer runs out
  • Titan fires its special
  • It’s a blue/green titan → The special attack takes until after the timer runs out
  • <10k points…

And yet I am still playing.
Please tell me that I am not alone. :wink:


I feel your pain. Once my entire raid team was wiped out after a 13 step long combo run, when all defence heroes got charged and fired after a single gem move from me.

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I call your bet and re-raise:

  • 5 minutes until the end of the monthly event
  • You are at 200 points or so to reach the next zone
  • you get an incredibly good board that lead directly to the final stage
  • you have wu kong on
  • the last standing enemy refuse to die for 10 hp and all you throw at him keep missing him
    -timer goes up of 30 seconds, wasting all your efforts
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You can’t call and raise in one action that’s called a string bet. It’s either you call or you raise. And it’s not a re raise unless they had raised your bet first. the more you know


finish the last level of epic tier during event but event ends while you’re playin the level. you hit a solid score that bumps you into the next score grade so the game shows it counted your score but still stiffs you on completion rewards aka ascension mats

• start a Titan Attack
• “shoot arrows”
• play through 5 turns, the Titan doesn’t miss one time! WHAT KIND OF WITCHCRAFTERY IS THIS?!!&!
• still have 5 arrows left. Never actually shot them.
• DOH!

This happens to me like, weekly :stuck_out_tongue:


lol i remember to use health and mana pots and normally at least 1 arrow and axe at beginning but yea after that i forget they’re even there and focus on flippin tiles

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Start a raid load up wu kong with 4 minor mana’s fire off and then realize i just fired off Justice’s special since I forgot to swap in Wu, get totally flustered and don’t shoot arrows or axes and end up with <10K instead of 40K strike.

Or load up WU only to realize I was using minor hp boost as I ran out of mana earlier and it autofilled minor hp, again lose mind and fail attack.

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Is this another complaint thread? Just checking… :wink:

not necessarily. well kind of. but more of a complaint of self error rather than complaint about SG error


(teasing ) You could set up a “Venting” sub-forum (end teasing)

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@Rook Not really a complaint thread. I just felt that I could show how bad the odds-stacking can become and yet not being discouraged enough to keep on playing.

I like the idea of a “Venting” sub-forum. And yes… my post would deserve to be moved over there. :slight_smile:

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In customer support websites, I’ve read that a happy person will tell 9 people of their experience, while an unhappy person will tell 16 of theirs.

So basically one group does twice the complaining for a single experience. Hmm… :slight_smile:

This leads toward some interesting avenues of enquiry.

  1. Do some people typically experience things as unpleasant, and complain loudly about them, while other people typically experience the same things as pleasant, and praise them quietly? Or,

  2. Do the same people complain loudly when they experience unpleasant things and praise quietly when they experience pleasant things?

If 1. above turns out to be the case, then maybe service providers would be better served by targeting a customer base with a tendency to be satisfied and content, than by trying to improve their service. Hmm.

Actually no, the conventional wisdom in CS is to please the vocal unhappy peeps as they potentially continue to affect other potential customers long after they are gone.

(Mind you, this is my experience is customer service in another field.)

EDIT: I was told that one well-known theme park would count 1 praise against 10 complaints as happy, contented people were less likely to speak up. We found this out when making a special trip to the front office to praise the actions of an employee and found out how rare it was for a guest to actually make the trip.


Well, yeah: I’m just wondering if perhaps the conventional wisdom might be a bit off. Perhaps organisations could just identify the segment of the customer base that tends to be dissatisfied, recognise that they will continue to be dissatisfied regardless of the organisation’s response, and… um… dispose of them.

I mean, it’s possible to make an unhappy customer happy, but what if we knew that they would just turn unhappy again half an hour later, and start complaining again?

(There’s obviously no direct application to E&P here. Nope, none at all.)

Lol. Sorry for my off-topic musing. I’m now off to warn myself! :wink:

Uhmmm… I hereby apologize for initiating such a meta-discussion with what I thought would just be a more or less accurate write-up of how badly randomness can stack to your disadvantage.
Maybe my second line “disclaimer” wasn’t big enough: I still enjoy this game despite all the bad-luck-stacking probability and I don’t take the described situations personal.
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Please don’t be discouraged: your thread is a joy and if I have contributed to its degradation then I apologise.

My personal worst moments in the game:

  1. Using my fully levelled Wu as fodder (because I am stupid and often impaired) then not training a replacement for a year.

  2. Throwing my device across the room and breaking it when I lost repeatedly to an unworthy tank.

  3. Throwing my device across the room and breaking it when I lost repeatedly to an unworthy tank (the second time).


Not sure if you’d class these as a “senior” moment or “blonde” moment (maybe both?):

  1. On a winning streak with Raids:

    • choose a person to win against
    • edit team to counter theirs
    • amidst all the excitement my thumbs go on
      auto-pilot and select Done then Attack
    • am now attacking with 1 hero :no_mouth:
  2. See #1 above:

    • see points 1 & 2 above. After a few tile flips
      am wondering why my heroes are slow at
      getting there mana up, etc.
    • take a moment to “look” at enemy only to find
      they have 3 healers against my 1 :thinking:
  3. Use your Titan team in a Raid

  4. Use your Raid Attack team against the Titan

  5. Use your province farming team to raid with

6)All the above in a day.

I’m “pleased” I can provide myself with this unexpected excitement because, as the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine”.