My wish for raids: to have better insight in results

Whenever someone has raided us, we get a notification telling us how many cups we have won or lost.

And even though it is nice info to have, it doesn’t say that much. What I would like to see here is - no matter if it was a victory or defeat - with how many power points in difference the raid has ended.

For example: I have won raids with no more than 10 points left on a hero while others went down and I have won with all 5 heroes standing tall and lots of power points left. I will just know if it was a close win or an easy win. And if I loose, I know it was a close match or a complete disaster.

But for defense I am using a different team with different heroes. And when they loose, I want to know by how much they have lost. And when they have won, if it was close or very at ease. Did the attacker really have a hard time beating them? Or was it just an easy blow?

I hope in some near future this info will be available. That I will not only read how much cups I won or lost, but also something like + or - number of power points.

I know I am a loner, always have been.

Still it amazes me that I am the only one in this.

Sorry, my bad…

More info is always welcome, I would love to be able to watch a few replays of my team defending in War. See if my defensive selections are working well together. Maybe i need to adjust or maybe it would be no help at all?

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Indeed, a replay would also fit here.

Just imagined that numbers might be easier to code than a replay. And taking less server capacity.


I do not know if any of you are still active ingame. But I agree with you wholeheartedly. It would be so great to see more results to optimise our defense teams.

I just got a message. Someone revenged on me. He is a 3607 team power player. I am 4113. How on earth? Did this player get a good board? Lots of combos? Did my team just fail horribly? Did the enemy intentionally put up a low powered team as defense team, and raided me with a much more strong team? I will never find out. All I know is I lost 56 cups.

This is my team:

This is the team I lost 56 cups to:

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Hey, on 3-2 or 4-1 or even mono with good board you could win even bigger then you by far. My record is 790 cups in difference my 3450tp team took bigger then 4200tp team.

Few times I killed 4500tp team with 3900tp so it can be done.

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Hi @Michael053, which heroes do you bring to that opponent?
Do you bring more green? like 3x green, or also do you bring cleanser or Kiril to flip debuff attack from Richard?

Ofense and defense it does matter with team strategy, and Team Power is less significant. And also a decent board RNG.

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Losing applies same as winning. :joy:

EDIT: I rephrased my question/situation. I did not revenge him. He attacked me, as revenge to my initial attack :slight_smile:

Probably mono or 4-1 stack on you.

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Ohh well… that means you did not see their ofense, maybe they have secret heroes 4600 Team Power? Or maybe with less Team Power (like 3000) but with mono like 5x blue and dispeller like Sonya.

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There’s a lot of videos about this kind of stuff in this topic.


I agree, there’s another game that I’ve pretty much given up on as it’s fairly lame and a clone of E&P to some extent.

But if this 2nd rate game can give informative raid details, surely E&P could to.

You get to view the oppositions offensive choice, health status of the opponents including yours (in the event of a flee or win, etc.)

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