My wife and I are looking for a new alliance!

I really do understand your situation. It’s better to find a new home and to tell other good players to find a new one too. However, a good home is also difficult to find. I think that if you can find a suitable alliance you will grow very fast. I would like to recommend Lucy’s Kitchen. Try to take a look! (Though the alliance prefers +3500 TP, you have strong determination to grow) Lucy’s Kitchen is a stable alliance (+430 days) with a nice group of friendly people, with a balance of young and experienced players, and with a balance of f2p, c2p and p2p players. You will learn a very well organized war and Titan attacking (currently 9*-11*, but just participating you will get great ascension loots). Anyway good luck with any of your chosen home! :slight_smile:

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It’s a shame. I would like to offer you my two places. But my alliance is Spanish-speaking. At least before leaving, let the entry be by invitation only and upload the trophies.

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Hey you might like our alliance, The Byzantine Empire, we have husband and wife team already here and other family members. Those who are not related still become part of the alliance family. We’re a friendly bunch and very active! We do require 800 trophies (which you already have) and one team power of 2.8k.

We recently removed some members for inactivity so have a few spaces available. Why not drop by and check our team out. We took a 6* Titan out in 2hrs, 7* titans tend to go to last hour and we could definitely use your active play to kill 8* which we do struggle with - but hoping with an active team we can soon!

Drop by and say hi if you like, were very friendly and have a wide range of knowledge to help you progress with us.

Hope to see you soon


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Thank you all! We WILL decide on a new alliance tonight! :blush:


Hi Ripcode,

I can totally relate to your situation. Our previous leader left and I kind of inherited the mantle. We’re down to a core group of about a dozen active players and I’m trying to rebuild from there, dropping inactive players as space is needed. All levels are welcome and we try to help everyone, beginners and more experienced players.
We’d like everyone to participate as much as possible but understand that this is just a game and life happens.

We currently take down 4* and 5* titans.

If this sounds like a good fit for you and your wife please check out The Black Evil Panthers.

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Best of luck finding your new home. I wish we’d had two spots avaiable for you but we only have one at this time. If any of your other players express a desire to also leave, please recommend they check us out.

We are The Ruthless Warriors and currently have an ad on the alliance thread.

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I make sure if someone is missing the war that they opt out. We usually have 100% participation. We have roughly 27 people with 20 being there for over a year. We started with 3 and 4 star titans and now get 7-9’s and even had a 10 rare. About half are active in the chat and we have a Facebook page to post videos and pics. We run the alliance by committee. Before anyone is booted we vote. We have newbies start with us and now in the 3500-3900 range and are heavy hitters now. If you want a place where you can grow and 90% of the alliance has been together for over a year 33 Seconds is the place for you guys. Only rule we have is hit the titan 4 times a day and participate in wars.

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If you love to chat it up you may want to join our alliance. We are on 9* and 10* titans. We hit hard and we love to chat in the line app. Look for me dumb dum1. Or magnus17. Before you join come talk to us. If your a fit then come on over. We have really big players though and we like to talk a lot which is our biggest requirement. The other requirement is to pull your weight in war and work with us on cleanups if you dont have giant teams like the top 10 members. We are all older and mostly business professionals. We have one couple buttnugget and knog gobblin. They have kids as we all do and we are all a bunch of jokers. We only want loyalty and friendship joining us. Alliance is pieces of eight.

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Keeping fingers and toes crossed but wherever you go and your wife go I wish you happiness and success :blush:

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Just an FYI - My wife and I played a mobile game called “Dragonvale” for (7) years. This game has slid to the wayside since E&P came along.

Just so you know, that we are in for the long haul. :sunglasses:


Hi, the Ruthless Warriors have currently one open slot. You can try is out and if later another slot is open ing second person can join. We a international team with all kinds of folks. Old young and kids. Our team is active and supportive. Try us and you will not regret it.

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You guys are exactly what we are looking for and we are a very established team. Don’t make me beg - because I will lol


Check out north of the wall. We have 5 open spots. All members very active. When we cant we let others know cause we all have family and work!. We hit all titans and war.

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Dragonvale alone or also Dragonvale world?

My wife and her Best Friend Forever finally quit Dragonvale when Dragonvale World came out.

Now they play Empires. Mostly.

They are co-leaders of Twilights Bastion if you ever want to drop in and chat ( Mercing as a life style or the occasional break ).

Didn’t know about DragonVale World! Lol! Nope just plain old Dragonvale.

They kept playing the E&P adds in the game. Once we tried it, we got hooked. Kind of reminded us of D&D back when we were kids.

Lol! My wife is working late tonight. Just waiting on her so we can decide together. :+1:


Wow this is crazy.

My 4yo son was playing dragon vale world and I saw the ads for this game. That’s how my wife and I got started on this game. He has since stopped playing dragon vale, and is onto mostly YouTube with his screen time now hah. But he was thrilled hatching the eggs. (Mostly I ran his kingdom and he just opened eggs and chose the same two dragons to breed every time :stuck_out_tongue: )

Now, check this out:

My wife and I, not that long ago, were looking for a new clan. In much the same situation you were in.

We ended up in NW - nocturnal winds. It’s an adult alliance with a competitive edge, honest expectations for activity (take every war hit, hit every Titan, OR let the leaders know if ya can’t.)

The alliance has been together for more than a year. We get together on voice chat on discord at times. Discord is optional, though. About half the alliance uses it.

Ingame we talk about a wide range of things, congratulate each other on level ups and getting new heroes. It’s an extremely POSITIVE environment with adult people who understand that this is a game.

We are at about 60% wins on our last 9 or so wars. We are killing 9-10* titans.

If that sounds like what you’re looking for. We would love to have you.


Here is our war log book. I started this recently. Missed one last week! (Family health issues came up…). But you can see, we have really good consistency in either using ALL of our war hits, or nearly all :slight_smile: anyway. Good luck choosing! I hope to hear from you! If not, I understand. There are a lot of good alliances :slight_smile:

Also, here is our discord link if you like:

Edit 2:

So to add some more relevant info. Me and my wife jumped from 5* titans to 8* when we joined NW. at the time we were in the bottom 5 as far as total TP in the alliance. it was a shock. But we do have a couple members right at 3000 right now. And we much much much prefer active committed players who can grow :slight_smile: we have 5 spots open, so no issues there :slight_smile:


Come join Canada murders row, perfect fit for you

Hi Ripcode. I know someone already told you about us, but you’re more than welcome at Nocturnal Winds. We’re a very active alliance, and we’re fun. We all get along and constantly talk. There might be quiet days, but overall we know each other and care about each other. Hope you guys decide to give us a chance, because I highly doubt you’ll regret it.

-Nocturnal Winds


Wow, looks like duaneski summed it up pretty well. Come check out Nocturnal Winds. Lots of fun, friendly competition and support. Duaneski posted our discord link. You can check us out there as well.


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