My wife and I are looking for a new alliance!

Both adult players, so looking for an adult alliance.

We are both in the 1200-1300+ cup range. TP for both of us is close to 3K and we keep getting stronger as we level heroes.

We hit all Titans, but the highest Titan we’ve been able to take down is 4*.

We use all war flags (even if it’s 1*s or Trainers)! We don’t have (6) high level teams yet.

I am current the leader of an alliance (I got promoted by the previouos Leader to be the Leader).

I’ve tried to grow the alliance, but very few of the members want to chat. I’ve had to kick people for extended inactivity, not helping with Titans or ignoring the wars.

The last straw was when we lost the war yesterday by (2) points and (4) players had not played even though they had been online.

I’d rather forego leadership and be part of an alliance that is active and helpful and allows us to grow our teams and heroes.

I have Line but will get a different chat app that the new alliance uses.

I need an alliance that has at least (2) spots and maybe a few more as I am sure a few other members would follow.


Ripcode come check out “Young Justice” . We are currently building up our roster again due to the same reasons you had. Inactivity. We have several spots open atm, and possibly more soon.

Not the most chatty group, but that speaks more of the lack of activity. Good active group those that play


Will check your alliance out at lunch time. :slight_smile:

Line id: jrigs

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33 Seconds is looking for a few people. Very active in War and are currently fighting 7-9 star titans.

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Hello Ripcode,
Please check out our alliance, Dawn of Us, currently with 5 free spots, probably more soon.
We try to avoid the issues you mention by selecting our members.
We normally win our wars and get 4* Titans, though still struggling with 5* ones.
Would be great to hear from you guys.
Queen Ena

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Bewitched and bewildered is a very active adult alliance and we currently have two openings.

100% active ally looking for 18+ with at least 2800ish tp who wants to slay titans and get dirty in war! come on in!

My line is is jen650s


Check out our alliances Down the rabbit hole… and the Cheshire Cat. The Cheshire Cat is the training/ resting alliance of Down the rabbit hole…
Down the rabbit hole asks for 3500+ tp, as they are on 10 and 11* titans. I am currently in the Cheshire Cat myself, and we are still small and could use a few more members there.

My line id is konijntje-pluis

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Directing an alliance is not something that should be done alone. Ask for help from the co-leaders, or make co-leaders.

If not surely the final destiny of that alliance, it will be the cemetery of future players.

Right now my alliance has 7 members. We do have 1 kid who is 18 and a senior in high school. We are taking down 3* titans for the most part.

“Gryphon’s misfortune” if you guys feel so inclined to join.

Just remember war match making is happening soon, so I’m sure that any of us alliances would ask if you join during that process to not leave until the war is over.

Also, we do pretty well in wars. My co-leader and I try to be active as much as possible during that time to talk strategy. We are one win and one loss into our current war chest. So it is fairly new.

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Check out Titan Marauders… great group… 5*_6* titans.

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I have co-leaders. I comment in the chat all the time with barely any response from the other members. Occasional responses from the Co-Leaders.

Honestly I hate to leave, but I feel this alliance is holding back my wife and I.

Check out Titan Marauders… great group…5*_6* Titans.

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The Calypso is a friendly alliance, facing 7* titans and very active. It is part of an armada with 6 alliances and all very helpful towards each other.Line is used

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Thank you for your responses! We’ll be checking your suggestions tonight after work! :+1:

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As for titans, the Calypso has befinners, intermediates and advanced, we believe we all have to learn somewhere :slight_smile:

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If still looking, give God’s Royal Knights a once over… we are a fun bunch… everyone is active… currently attacking 6* titans

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The Calypso would love to have you!! We are active, fun, and always working to improve. We have ties to 5 other alliances that fight at all levels. You can also find me on LINE app @Madantonia check out our thread in Alliance recruiting section

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@ripcode check us out

@Madantonia - Will do tonight! :+1:

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