My weirdest raid was

People can publicate here these weirdest enemys on raids/wars this is my:

It was hard one but Boril help me won :grin:

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Color stacked dark heroes and had an easy win


I’ve seen lineups with just one hero. either they were purposely trying to drop cups or they figured if someone was trying to fill a raid chest they wouldn’t waste a flag on them because they would only get credit for one hero killed. hmm, so actually I guess that’s not so weird. maybe.

I just ran into someone about twenty minutes ago whose lineup consisted of three 2* trainers, a 1^1 Renfeld… and a maxed out Guin.

Also, on numerous occasions, I’ve rearranged my teams or cleared all my lineups while working out teams for an upcoming war, forgotten to set my defense team back up, and closed the game. Then I don’t realize my mistake until I log back in and notice I’ve lost a few hundred cups, check my lineup, and see my defense team is just one lonely Tarlak. I’m not a cupdropper, I’m just scatterbrained. :sweat_smile:


I raided somebody with 5 Wu Kong defense a while ago. Obvious cup dropper but also flexing on people who need a Wu Kong lol


haha nice. I once heard, “if you have the muscle, you don’t need to flex.” It’s pssible this person didn’t have the muscle.

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