My updated game gets raided by none updated gamers and I can’t revenge

How is it possible for someone to raid and win trophies from me but… When I go to revenge for my team I cannot because they are playing on a different app. Not fair!

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It’s usually good form to have a quick search of the forum, before you start a new thread, just to check that you’re not posting something that has already been posted 9,000 times, has been comprehensively explained by the devs, and is clearly understood by everyone who has spent more than 60 seconds here.

So, where is the post about someone raiding you and you cannot raid them because their playing on a different app?!

I think @Brobb is telling you there’s approximately 9000 such posts. Here’s a few:

raid different app

Thanks! No exact answer. I have have done all the update to no avail. I will not read all of the feeds. Not enough time. But have spent far more time on here than 60 seconds. Thanks for the put down Brobb and thanks Ornery for the understanding. Have a good day!

The search function is pretty simple and easy to use. If you read through a few of these threads you will find any questions you have about this issue answered.


I don’t really understand how you could not have found an answer in any of those posts. You know, this is a user forum. Pretty straight forward rules and customs. Like ‘make sure there’s not already a post/conversation like the one you think of starting’. You don’t want to spend even 60 seconds of your time doing a simple search, yet you expect others to spend time on helping you = doing it for you.


Thank you so much Brobb!

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Shrewd lmao too funny

Okay Ornery! I Thanked you for putting up a few post. But… Brobb put up post that I understood a little better!
Let me ask you a question?! Can you see how many times I am on the forum and can you tell how long I am on! I went to search and typed in Raid Trophies and nothing came up. So I went ahead and asked the question! Do you go on everyone’s post and insult them?
I have been playing this game for almost 1 year now. And yes, is fairly new on making post ( only made about 2 others) and I do not like the sarcasm. Brobb came back and showed me the way. You are not a leader Ornery but a follower! Thank you! Oh by the way… Have a fantastic day!

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" 50+ results for raid trophies "

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Yes you can see this.
You have read 2 hours on forum in total, 1 hour recently.

Thank you! You are showing the newby the way (as far as making post) I truly thank you all for making me feel welcome by pointing out my faults in such a harmonious way! I am not that computer savey! But I have noticed that are so many post on thr topic! Are you all the same ones that went on each post and down graded them?! Or am I the lucky one?! Wow!! Once again I thank you for the kind jesters! It sure does look like longer that 60 second!

You presence is welcome here, as is that of all players, but you seem to be getting pretty worked up when, as far as I can tell, people have just been trying to assist you.

Yes, you should search the forum before you start a thread, to check that it doesn’t already exist. That’s basic courtesy and it avoids threads on the same topic being created multiple times (as has happened here). It can also give you the answer to your question very quickly - it would have been much quicker for you to search out the answer than to start this thread.

There’s nothing insulting or offensive about this advice and no need to get agitated by it. Play with the forum search function: it is very easy to use.

And come back whenever you want - we’d like you to be involved here. Best not to be too sensitive, though. We’re usually trying to help.

Thanks Brobb! I think I am a bit sensitive. But pointing out and picking certain thinks I post is insulting to me. But I did ask… Because there are so many ( my mistake for agitating you for my post). Did you go on the other people post and said what you said to me? And I have been on for more than 60 seconds. I love the game! I am just at level 45 with a team power of 3800t. I actually got 100 points taken from me with the new power level update. I guess I am low on the rosters. Can I get an answer to that. Those that picked through my post! Thanks!

NOT ONLY BEFORE, but also AFTER THE UPDATE “revenge not possible due to different APP version” - REALLY?! Again!! Please FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY!!
How annoying can it possibly get?!
And just to make it clear: Before I updated the app I could not attack “due to different app version” - and after I updated I still could again not attack exactly the same player!!

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I wondered that too and what causes question’s are that how others can attack and Raid me If they usein diffirent App version. That could Be also impossible - right?


Exactly right! You nailed it!

Everyone don’t have update avaible yet. I updated my game hour ago and there wasn’t update avaible 2 hours ago. I would just wait, that they roll update to every player.

This applies to 10 raids for me - now again impossible to take revenge, before and after the update.