My updated game gets raided by none updated gamers and I can’t revenge


So why can they attack me still and I can’t revenge them kinda remedial because every single revenge on my list can’t be attacked now even recent attacks!

Raid trophies
Raid Cheating enabled AGAIN!

Have exactly the same problem.


Same here… I can’t revenge. Why?


Same here… need to wait for these users to update their system. Nothing to be done AFAIK. Not very convenient, but not the end of the world either.


This guys got it right. When they update you can revenge them. They also discontinue the prior version pretty quickly so they’ll get there soon enough.


Same issue. They shouldn’t be able to attack.of they’re playing an outdated version in my opinion.


The problem with restricting earlier versions from attacking is that the distributors, Google and Apple, stagger the releases to prevent server overload., so not everyone can update right away even if they want to.
As things stand it’s incredibly frustrating, but I’m not sure how it could be made fairer either.

Raid trophies

Having the same issue one person is raiding my tower 2 and 3 times they lost 1 won 1 can’t revenge


Got attack 6 times last night can only revenge 1 of them and it’s well past the update time, I think what would make it fair is not allowing them to attack update versions of the game only makes sense, but like I’ve said maybe it’s just me!


I can see where you’re coming from, but I think the current way is fairer for the majority, and minimises the disruption as much as possible, given that updates are staggered, and it takes a while for everyone to get access to the new version. If everyone could update at the same time, I would agree with you completely.

Right now, people who upgrade early on get a large pool of foes they can’t revenge against, but as more people update, this pool will rapidly decrease. While frustrating at first, the issue should die down quickly as other people update.

OTOH, if people who haven’t updated because the new version is not yet available to them are blocked from revenge or attacking, this means that they will have an increasingly larger group of people they can’t attack, so not only are they stuck waiting for bugfixes and new features, other parts of the game become less fun for them too, until they finally can get the new version.

While the current status quo is irritating, I do think that it’s the fairest possible solution if a bar on revenging between versions is necessary. I’m not qualified to speculate on that latter point.


but if they dont update. what will happen?there should be a comlulsory update? or they can always play with that version?


No. generally after a week or two you must update or cannot play anymore.


How is it possible for someone to raid and win trophies from me but… When I go to revenge for my team I cannot because they are playing on a different app. Not fair!


It’s usually good form to have a quick search of the forum, before you start a new thread, just to check that you’re not posting something that has already been posted 9,000 times, has been comprehensively explained by the devs, and is clearly understood by everyone who has spent more than 60 seconds here.


So, where is the post about someone raiding you and you cannot raid them because their playing on a different app?!


I think @Brobb is telling you there’s approximately 9000 such posts. Here’s a few:

raid different app


Thanks! No exact answer. I have have done all the update to no avail. I will not read all of the feeds. Not enough time. But have spent far more time on here than 60 seconds. Thanks for the put down Brobb and thanks Ornery for the understanding. Have a good day!


The search function is pretty simple and easy to use. If you read through a few of these threads you will find any questions you have about this issue answered.


I don’t really understand how you could not have found an answer in any of those posts. You know, this is a user forum. Pretty straight forward rules and customs. Like ‘make sure there’s not already a post/conversation like the one you think of starting’. You don’t want to spend even 60 seconds of your time doing a simple search, yet you expect others to spend time on helping you = doing it for you.


Thank you so much Brobb!