My turn to ask for a roster advice;-)

Hi guys
As some of you already know I don’t spend much so my roster is quite limited. Still, enjoying the game with what the E&P gods gave me😀

Pleeeeaaaase can you share some wisdom to what set up would be the most effective one for AW defence. I usually go with the top one, and love to have 2 healers during AW.

I know my whole roster is a bit of a mess, and yes, I have religiously been upgrading a set of 5 cards in different colours so I can slowly bring them al to max.
I am missing 1 dart, 1 telescope and 1 tabard for each final 5* accession, so not a long way off if I’m lucky​:grinning::pray:

Please don’t bash me, I am genuinely looking for your help xx!



Id use these heroes, with just one healer:




Thanks guys, I’ll try both of these in the upcoming wars.

Leveling Magni now, just need that one telescope for him​:pray::pray::pray:

Any more suggestions will be really appreciated xx


OK, got my last scope today, yey🙋
Now not sure if in should go with Issy or Magni. My logic would be Magni as he is fast and Issy is slow, as most of my other 5*…
@RandaPanduh, care to elaborate, lol?
Both Magni and Issy are now at almost 3.70

All other 5* are waiting for one more item each.

Thanks for all your help guys!
Alex xx

Happy to help :blush:

Since this will be your first 5* going to 80, you’re going to want to go with the more versatile option, since it may be awhile until you get enough scopes to take another to 4T. Magni is quite a bit more versatile than Isarnia, due to her slow mana, so I’m leaning toward him. Plus, he hits fast and hard, has high tile damage, and buffs his and his neighbors defense. Isarnia is amazing, and I really love her for Titans, but she’s too slow to make use out of her everywhere. So unless your #1 priority is Titans and don’t care much about anything else, I’d go Magni. Although, I would consider doing Isarnia next; the only heroes I’d put before her [personally] would be Arthur, Athena and Alasie. & Since you already have Grimm maxed, Isarnia isn’t as vital.

It seems your gut is telling you Magni is the correct choice for you anyway, so I’d definitely listen. Ultimately, you should always go with the hero that you enjoy playing with the most, that also fits with your priorities. If you like to compete, then pick the best of the best. If you like participating in everything, pick the most versatile. & if you prefer one game mechanic a lot more than the others, pick the hero that best fills that role. Also, you should plan your future 5* team in your head; you don’t want to eventually end up with all utility heroes, all snipers, or all AoE hitters. You’ll want to make sure to have a bit of everything you’ll need in your future lineup :blush:

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Thanks hon! My budget is limited to c2p so I tend to go with the flow and not wait for what might never come lol. I will go with Magni and will possibly wing Viv with him and Sartana for war defence. Do you think it makes sense? Not sure if I should drop Kiril once Magni is levelled or keep him… I have made so much mess with my cards😂
I don’t worry to much about cups, love titans and wars😀
What war defence do you think would would be the most annoying with my cards?

Thanks a lot for your help😘

Well, it somewhat depends on what color tank your alliance is running for wars, or if you guys are running an all one color tank strategy or not. Also, I’m assuming Magni isn’t quite ready to go yet. Once he is, your 5* lineup could be:


For war, I’d put in 4* in place of the 5* that aren’t at 4T yet, since their health stats are lower, but their overall stats are better. Maybe something like:

Gregorian-Kiril-Li Xiu-Elena-Gafar

Although, Kashhrek would be the #1 choice for a 4* tank. Elena is your strongest, but has too low of defense to tank for you. Ideally, I’d want the beefiest hero in defense/health as tank, that either has a fast/crazy effect or that supports their flanks to do the same. Flanks I like the important heroes that are game-changers like Grimm or Proteus, because you definitely want them charging and going off. Or healers (if there isn’t one tanking) to make sure your heroes survive and to possibly buff/dispel. Wings I like fast snipers, that don’t need much to charge, and can pick off the remaining opponents one by one.

If you do decide on a color, it can be a good strategy surrounding the tank with the color that the enemy is weak against (if they stack vs the tank). Ex. If you run a yellow tank, your opponent might stack purples, so in order for them to run out of the colors they need faster, and to make it more difficult in a stack for war, use two purples heroes as flank/wing (as long as they’re not on the same side). Or, if you’re running a red tank, they’ll bring in blues, so flank or wing with greens.

Although, I’d only suggest doing this for war, because for regular defenses, this strategy needs a little more thought put into it in order for it to succeed. Rainbow is the best go-to regular defense, at least until you have a good setup to try something else.

Defense teams aren’t an exact science, so this all might help or it maybe won’t, but hopefully it makes enough sense to have an idea on how to try something else if the suggested doesn’t work for you. & Of course, I’m always here if you have any questions :blush:

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I’d from your current roster go for this defense team:


I can imagine this team in diamond. Of course you can wait for some better heroes(Azlar, Magni, Lianna, etc.) but they may never come. This will make a solid raid defense team.

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