My troops don’t switch pls fix it thank you

I can’t switch my troops…I have a 4* troop for sartana when I play usually it shows me like the change has been done but after when I check my team for war she has 1* purple troop that I don’t have it at all …i tried to change the troop to put my 4* with sartana but the game doesn’t make the change!for war she get stoked with the 1* troop!!!so please check the issue and fix it thank u

What happens when you click the 1*troop? Will it let you change it manually?

@Yna Changing your troop on your regular defense team does not affect your war team. You have to also go into your war defense team and change your troop there. Try this and see if the troop stays on your war defense.


I did so and is all good !!!thank you very much !!!

Στις Τετ, 5 Δεκ 2018 στις 04:35 ο χρήστης Suzanne Bledsoe έγραψε:

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