My Thoughts About the Game

I have not accused of SG of anything like changing the odds. However what they are guilty beyond doubt is their manipulation of “game balance” to maximize their profit. It is proven with track record of heros getting buff just before their portal open even when they are powerful and do not need a buff. Case and point, Goblins that just got buff right before their portal and goblins are not weak by any means, you can find 100+ heros that are weaker than the goblins easily. So is that anything worst than secretly changing odds when they are manipulating the item/goods itself at their will with blatant disregard of the community.

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Or the release OP and nerf em later tactic, which we have seen MANY times.


Yeah SGG, Zynga and Take Two are all corporations that exist to make a profit, so I have no doubt that drives some of the decision making. But there’s still a massive difference between doing something crappy, like balance changes that aren’t based on the game balance and doing something illegal, like manipulating the summon odds behind the scenes

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I seems to recall some ppl said in their country it is illegal to change the goods that you have already bought even if it is digital goods.

So no, it is not anything less in my eyes, if anything, they do it with total disrespect, disregard and contempt to the user is even worst in my eyes. But since the point of legality is different from place to place, you are free to come to your own conclusion. And it is exactly why I said they are less regulated than most things in your day to day life.

That would be a pretty funny law, updating any videogame or app would then be illegal if the user had paid for it

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Not when you do it like SG, which is clearly not for the benefit of the users but like a scam to the public. But maybe you have no issue with that, up to you.

I doubt anyone will ever take a developer to court for patching out bugs and introducing more QoL for users in a game, but that’s just me.

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I guess I would wonder what the law would actually enforce, here.

I might guess that the law means you can’t commit outright fraud, in the sense that if you say “1.3% of this kind of summon results in this kind of hero,” that you might have to be able to show, in principle, that over a “large enough” number of players, that a number of them actually get “this kind of hero” at a rate statistically consistent with 1.3%.

I’m not so sure that what the law or even SG actually says is that “1.3%” is necessarily an invariant proportion across all players and circumstances. I’d guess that would be the default interpretation, and even very likely the default implementation (i.e. it’s easier than actually giving every single player an individualized draw chance that still statistically averages out to, e.g., 1.3%).

And it’s really hard to prove individually-tweaked odds ex post facto because small number statistics are going to be small for almost any single player; you’d need a way to compel direct access to the code of the actual running game (which, admittedly, would seem like it could be possible).

The issue is that it’s really hard to judge on an individual level because hot and cold streaks really do happen with random chance, and especially with terrible odds to begin with. There are few individual experiences that could be in any way definitively stated to be “outside the realm of reasonable possibility” of stated small-odds.

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Yeah if it actually came down to it and there was real suspicion they were doing something illegal, then they would use their code to show that the summoning odds are tied to portals and can’t be manipulated on a per user level.

But let’s be reasonable, what would be the motivation for them to even mess with the odds behind the scenes?

SGG already holds all the cards, so as long as they write it down the odds can be whatever they want and it’s legal (like Goblins having weaker odds). And obviously what they’re selling has no real cost, no real value and no real scarcity. So it’s not like they lose money when somebody hits the “jackpot” like in a real casino, so there’s no reason for them not to respect the odds they set

You’re kidding right? Every time I see these counter-argument about their motivation regarding anything sketchy, I just can’t believe people think this way. The easiest answer is money. If people appear to be summoning better than the odds state, that encourages people to summon more because eventually they’ll get the hero they want.

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Here’s the thing: People will always appear to be getting better/worse odds even if there is no manipulation by the game. So why would the company care to do it? People see what they want to see regardless.


That sounds like quite a journey you’ve had with the game. It’s frustrating when things don’t seem fair, especially with draws and odds feeling off. I totally get your concerns, and it’s valid to want transparency and fairness in gaming.

Switching gears a bit, have you seen those CS2 skins? They’re stunning and add such a cool touch to the gameplay! Speaking of which, sometimes it’s the customization and unique elements that keep us hooked on games, right?

Regarding your experience, it’s a tough call when things don’t feel right. Sharing your thoughts and experiences can definitely help others make informed decisions. Transparency matters in gaming, and I hope your voice gets heard.

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My only goal is to be able to tell other players what I have seen and experienced. My only regret is that some of the players either do not understand what I say or do not want to understand.

I respect that the game makers are a commercial company and their aim is to make money. What I oppose is the DECEPTION AND EXPLOITATION of the players. My aim is for this to be talked about and for the players to realize this.

Otherwise, you can delete the game and look at another game. It is very simple, but if you have spent time and effort on that game and you can see the mistakes made, it is necessary to warn the players who are on the same side.

Good luck everyone

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