My thought after playing 3 months

Hello guyz,

Just wanted to post my thought about the game now that I’m playing for 3 months. Yes, I’m still a new player, no I don’t play for over a year, but I think that I saw enough anyway to be able to speak of the game.

I won’t talk about the positive points, cause no one cares about what’s positive. You just have to know that I like this game & I think that I’ll be playing it for a long time.

Sadly, there are a few negative points & I don’t think that I’m the only one to get mad about it :

  • War algorithm : did it get created by someone high ? The war are absolutly et completly unbalanced. After losing 4 or 5 wars in a row, some people don’t wanna play it anymore. That’s sad cause some could quit the game because of this. The game is kinda always the same things weeks after weeks & there is not enought things to do. If you stop the war, might get boring faster.

  • 1/2 evolution stuff* : that’s nice to be able to get some from game levels but we need more. Most of the players are stucks not being able to evolve their heroes because the lack of adventurers kits & swords. You should consider giving more.

  • 3/4 evolution stuff* : for this point, the drop rate is completly unbalanced as well. Some peoples get one 3/4* stuff from EVERY titans, sometimes even 2, while some people can kill 45 titan (speaking about myself, yes 45) without getting ANY. Some people can be luckier than others, I know right, but please, 50 against 0 it’s not about luck, it’s about there is a problem somewhere.

  • Free 3/4 stuff* : That’s nice to be able to get some from special quests. But do you remember that to evolve a 5* star hero, it requiers 6 x 4* stuff ? The quest for the stuff you want only comes once in 2 months. Does that mean we need 12 months to be able to evolve a 5* ? Please, add some new quests.

  • Free stuff in calendars : here again, it’s nice to get sometimes, some free stuff. But please, no one cares about the stuff you’re giving. Like, really, no one. Stop giving grey token, it’s absolutly worthless. I’d would prefer to get way less free stuff, but some interresting one at least. when it comes.

  • Shop : could you just let us buy anything from the shop ? I mean, more items.

  • new heroes : new heroes mean HOTM & event heroes. They’re way too strong regarding the classic heroes. Not talking about their special, but about their stats (armor/attack/hp). They’re too strong, that’s all I have to say about that.

  • language filter : could we be able to turn this crap off ? It’s broken. In my language (french), a lot of fluent words are censored for absoluty no reason & it’s boring. For example, the word “bosser” wich means “to work” is censored. The word “folle” is too, witch means “crazy”. That’s not slang, that’s normal language & it’s boring to see it censored.

Before anyone say “stfu noob u don’t know the game”, you gotta know that I’m lvl 33, rolling between diamond rank & platinum rank, always between 2 200 & 2 500 trophies. I read a loooot of things about the game, here & on some other websites, I know the game pretty well so I don’t really care if some people think I’m not old enough in the game to give my opinion. These players should just get their rage on an other post.

You’ll notice that I didn’t talk about the droprate of 5* heroes, cause there is nothing to say about it. This post is not a complaining post, just one that says the thought of a random player after 3 months.

Thanks for reading & feel free to let your opinion about some points if u want to.

Good luck in the game buddies.

ps : I read in an interview in wich the CEO of SG was hoping this game lasts for 5 to 8 years. It won’t if some peoples quit cause they dislike the game. This game is all about the community. A lot of players only stay because, with time, they got some friends in the game. If the most popular guy/girls quit, a lot of others will follow. I know that SG seems to count on time to keep players in the game, but don’t slow things too much. We need victories sometimes, not only patience.

ps2 : congrats for the game anyway. Good game & glad to play it. Don’t take this post as a rage post, for real, it’s not. :slight_smile:

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If it’s the alliance chat, you can turn it off by switching the alliance flag, that also determines the cencory language. In global you just have to deal with it. In finnish the word for the number six (kuusi) is cencored. :smiley:

War - well you’re not wrong, the algorithm needs to be improved.

1/2 mats - You’re right, it wouldn’t hurt to increase drop rate of swords/packs/rugged clothes. Considering the thousands of heroes that need to be fed to level a 5* up this isn’t hurting anything. You still have the waiting times to train the heroes.

3/4 mats - As with everything in this game, people will just tell you it’s random. What level titans are you fighting? Lower level titans tend to not give valuable mats.

Free mats - I agree they should be slightly more common, but it’s just a way to keep players around and try and balance the game. If they were common, it would be easy to ascend all your heroes - although I agree waiting 12 months is a stretch. Note you can get 3/4* mats from any chest and mystic vision also.

Free calendar - You’re right, they give crap - that’s unlikely to change given how the game is heavily geared toward making players spend money.

Shop - What kind of items? Being able to buy ascension mats would make the game too unbalanced.

Heroes: Hotm are meant to be better because they’re harder to pull. Although certain heroes are definitely overpowered while others are not.

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