My Team Election Choices


I’m a new player and I have a dilemma, I’ve drawn yesterday a yellow hero named Jackal I have in the band Chao I should leave?

Jackal or Chao

I also have a problem with choosing a red hero card:

Scarlett or Gromek or Colen

Other my heroes:

Alberich, Rigard, Kiril.

I invite you to discuss and help create a good team with these cards

  1. keep them all!

  2. are you trying to make a defense or offense team?

  3. are you trying to make a rainbow team (one of each color), or are you doubling some?

Kiril, Rigard, Alberich* are your healer types…Chao, Gormek, Scarlett, Jackal are your hitters…Colen is AOE.

Once you determine offense vs defense and rainbow vs any, you can choose the cards to best serve you. :wink:


Hello Rook

Thank you for your interest in the topic,

I try to create a team from the cards I wrote, from experience I know that to fight titans can afford to double the color.

But in general I would prefer the rainbow colors because of not losing points from the puzzle.

Do you have any idea how to create a pvp deck?

I’m waiting for your suggestions for different variants defens, atack.

Best regards, AgeOfMasta


I’m not good at deck making, but I would probably do this for Rainbow, Defense:

Alberich, Kiril, Gormek, Jackal, Rigard

(I would want the weakest cards on the outside, so I might have to change around. Assuming Gormek is fully leveled, I’d want him in the middle as my tank.)

Offense, NOT rainbow:

Alberich, Chao, Gormek, Jackal, Scarlett

You need more blue and purple choices to be able to maintain rainbow for either Offense or Defense.

P.s. Others who are much better in card choices than I will come along and shred my suggestions. :grin:


What @Rook said is true. You need to have a different setup from Titan attacks to Raid defense, to Raid attacking.

What id so with your cards…
Titan attacks - Rigard, Alberich, Kiril, Gormek, Jackel. You get the most attack buffs and defense reduction with this team. I wouldnt change this setup until you can replace Rigard and Alberich for somone like

For raid defense, id swap jackel for chao and have them positioned like this from left to right :
Chao, Rigard,Kiril,Alberich,Gormek.
My reasons for this for gambling upon bad boards. If thier boards arent good, you’ll out heal all the damage and they will slowly die. You could swap scarlett for Gormek if you wish.

Raid attack team would be same and titan attack. World map adventuring would be the same.

Just a side note. You actually dont lose much damage for doubling up on the colour for attacking titans. If you take out the wrong colour, put in right colour, you’ll get way more damage out regardless of all the 1’s coming out from the missing colour (This is all board dependant of course)


Hello gentlemen,
Thanks for the tips, I will do as you say different tactics for different events. This is my first week of play so there are probably many more choices in future, I will inform you about progress.

Once again Thank you for your interest in the topic.




By “the Right color,” Tunafish means the color that is strong against the current Titan, enemy, etc:

BRG(B) YP = Blue, Red, Green (Blue) and Yellow, Purple.


Blue = 2x
Red = 1x
Green = 1/2x

So if I have a Red Titan, I see above that Blue is stronger than Red; I put two blue heroes in my hand and take out any Green.

Note, this is in a best case scenario; I might not have enough various colored heroes to adjust my hand. You play the best of what you’ve got! :wink:


Rook and Tunafish

You have created a monster of 10 wins in a row in the arena

3x Healer 2x DPS The immortal team and resurrection of Alberich is indescribable


As for Titan, I had the opportunity to test out on the green 3xRed kit, it was pretty much nicer than I have until now, the levelup of my heroes.

Thank you for advice guys !