My Tc20 skipped / No Hero from Level 20 Training

My tc20 rolled over the 2 day mark and didn’t produce a hero of any stars. I got nothing from my Tc20 this round.

take some screen shots, check your recent activitys

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Best to make a support ticket and have SGG look into this. Only they can verify and correct.

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As above, first check your recent activity to make sure you didn’t accidentally collect the hero. Go to:
Menu → Support → Recent Activity

If there is no hero listed there, open a support ticket:

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On quite a few occasions I have waited for Level 20 training to complete but found that I did not receive a hero and the countdown had started for the next hero training. It occured again today but has ow happened so many times that I have lost count of the total.

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Ok this 2nd post on this.
Take screenshots and check your recent activity.

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Wow… Two in a row on the identical question…

Check here cause I’m too lazy to type it again:

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For whatever reason this just made me bust out laughing.
I think I’m too lazy to know why am laughing.
Probably because it’s funny.


Quite frankly, I find that hard to believe. I am yet to see anything that provides any kind of proof of this happening even just once. If I had, i would eat that right up and throw it at every fanboi i could. Strangely, i have yet to see any kind of evidence. People have asked for it and the OP usually just vanishes.

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