My swan song

Excellent choice Pinky, it’s the exact same place that I reside now as well. #NoSpend


Aw crap. Are you guys serious? Is #NoSpend active again?

What the hell. I put that on my alliance, searched other alliances, and saw that only six other alliances in the entire E&Peeverse had #NoSpend hashtags, so I took it off, because I felt silly being the only one wearing it.

@NPNKY great to have you back. I’d petition for a cool forum title for you, but you know how that works… you have to do something utterly ridiculous to “earn” it.

Side petition for @littleKAF to have the official title of Udderly Ridiculous Moderator :laughing:


The monkey’s paw claims another victim :kissing_heart:


:laughing: :rofl: :joy:


This is exactly the kind of ridiculous nonsense that this forum needs a lot more of.


Well, it’s official. I came back after a short break, hoping for renewed interest. Sadly, the interest wasn’t there. I didn’t miss war flags even when I was in the hospital, but I couldn’t muster up the interest to use them yesterday. I never missed titans unless one was killed in less than 8 hours while I was asleep. I missed 2 of the last 3. My alliance mates deserve better.
So I have passed over leadership of Magnificent Bastards and uninstalled the game. No rage quit, no feeding away all my maxed 5* to Aife. I’m not the sort to tear down my own effort, and I have a ton of time and effort in the game. It’s just time to walk away. It’s not anger or bitterness. It’s apathy, which in some ways is worse.
I may pop in here from time to time, especially to follow the When Suddenly…thread. Or I may not. If I don’t see you, farewell and happy gaming.


All the best for you moving forward. I’m a firm believer that there is life outside of this game and when my time comes, I see myself leaving in the same way.

It’s my alliance mates who keep me engaged in the game, and if it ever gets to a point where I feel I’m hurting instead of helping them, I too will know it’s time to do something else.

Thanks again for all your wisdom, and your generosity in sharing it!


I could see it coming-doesn’t make it any less sad


Take care :slight_smile:

And please enjoy the free time you now have!


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