My swan song

I am sad to see that yet another one is at this point
@NPNKY you are an asset to the forums and the game and I always enjoyed your reading your honest opinion.
I can see why you are making this choice and hope you can find your peace one way or the other while enjoying your break from the game.

Thnx for all you have contributed and helped others around here!


@NPNKY I certainly know who you are, I’ve read many of your posts, and IMO you have always been a valuable asset here.

You probably know who I am too, and I’m sure you’re one of countless others who have rolled their eyes when reading my posts. I’m sure you’ve probably disagreed with many of my mostly ridiculous opinions in the past, but I can’t recall a time when you’ve ever treated me badly.

It’s sad to see yet another longtime expert depart… totally understand the reasons why, I mean, you know me, I’ve been complaining about stuffs here since practically day one… but only because there are so many things I’d like to see changed in the game, to make it more enjoyable for all of us - newbies, veterans, high spenders, non-spenders alike… I certainly do not want to see the game die or see longtime contributors such as yourself quit. Every time a great player / forum contributor leaves this game, the overall value of the game and the forum itself drops.

I wish I knew how to fix it. I wish I had the power to fix it. I wish they (SG, Zynga, whoever) had the gumption to at least try to fix it. But as others here have already pointed out? As long as there are new players still willing to spend their hard-earned money (mostly because many of them either don’t care, or don’t know any better)… nothing is going to change. The game, and especially the forum in particular, will never be the same without players like you.

And there is no way that a little fish like me can ever possibly hope to fill all of the big empty shoes of all the great legacies who have recently left us. I’ve been trying to answer newbie questions in the absence of more experienced posters, but half the time I don’t know what I’m talking about… and the other half of the time, when I actually do know what I’m talking about, nobody takes me seriously anyway. I can never possibly hope to replace the knowledge and experience of those who were here before me.

I’ve stated before that I have no intentions of leaving yet. But every time we lose another valued member of the community, it brings me one day closer to leaving myself.

Thank you for your contributions here, and best of luck to you in whatever path you decide to take from here. I hope you see you return some day, and hope that I’m still here to welcome you back if you do.


I’ve always felt a small ebb and flow of enthusiasm for the game. Lately it feels like that sine wave will terminate low.

Sad to hear you’re leaving @NPNKY. The arms race comment seems relevant. I think the P2W aspects of the game might have outpaced the F2P aspects and they wound up breaking the ratio by trying to milk the old HOTM too long instead of offering them up as a sort of expansion to the base game.

I do not believe the developers seem capable any longer of successfully managing an expansion into say S4, to say nothing of 6* hero land. Even a massive gimme to the base would hit that eventuality a few months out.

I think the endpoint is in sight. The game feels like it’s somewhere between assisted living and hospice, and the intentions seem more maintenance than expansion.


Do what you feel is best for you.

All the best.


I have to fully agree with this. There are a hundred different explanations offered by different people as to why we think the game is in the brink of “dying”… would be easy to dismiss this notion by pointing out the fact that other people are still spending, easy to attribute the mass migration of veteran players to “meh, simple player boredom, they’ve just been playing too long, it’s a natural progression.” But what I am witnessing here is not natural. It’s not just the normal “ebb and flow” that one can come to expect in a stable environment. It is a sign that something major in the game has been broken. Perhaps irreparably so.

I won’t go so far as to say that it’s too late to save the game - because IMO, as long as there is still a pulse, there is still a chance. And there is still a pulse here. Not a very strong one these days, but still a pulse nonetheless. Definitely in assisted living at this point. Once the game gets transferred to hospice? We might as well all start planning our eulogies.


Sad … but flipside is you will have much company when HA gets released.



I hope the break serves some good. I’d previously taken a month long break from forum and game.

The first three days I would mindlessly click on the game app out of habit and would quickly close it before it loaded. Then I found myself not missing the game as much as I missed how the people of the alliance were doing and how it was performing.

Since returning I’ve been ok doing a little less. Keeping my expectations lower, and viewing it as more of a leisurely activity than a job/chore. It doesn’t mean I won’t still crack the occasional whip, but utter domination is no longer my goal. And I’ve been ok with that.

Not to make your decision about me, but hoping to provide some insight as to my step-away experience, and how you can still enjoy without the stress.

I also made this note in another thread, but I still feel leadership roles take a bigger toll on people than the average player. It can be exhausting. I encourage any leader making the game step down to take a step down from leadership first, and if that can’t be done, to find a new alliance where your expectations are “member.” You can still maintain your relationships with you former alliance.

Long story long, you are an admired player, and you would be missed. Best of luck!


Pet your puppies to get rid of any addiction. Then enjoy your new life after being cleansed.

Stay save and as you are. :slightly_smiling_face:



sad that another one needs a time out. Got the same hopes and also would love to come back.
We are in the same boat…especially agree on Beta. All the best. Hope we all meet once again in the game.


Take care dude all the best :beers::beer::hotdog:


Update 19 June 2020

I am back, at least for now, with some changes.

My playing habits have become much less compulsive. If I finish a quest, great. If not, I’m not worried about it. I refuse to let this game become a chore.
I’ll still take a look at new beta content when I have time, but will probably not waste time writing feedback to be ignored.

My spending is over. I don’t regret what I’ve spent in the past. I pay for entertainment, and I was entertained. However, when a company becomes less and less responsive to the wants and needs of its customers, the logical response from the customer is to stop spending. That’s where I am now, and where I will remain unless I see a major attitude shift from SG. I will not be renewing my VIP when it expires either. #NoSpend

I’m no longer worried about obtaining every shiny new hero that comes along. I’ll make my pulls from tokens earned through gameplay, feed away the 3* dupes I get with them, and focus on leveling up my year-long backlog of heroes that I already have.

I’ve realized that what I enjoy most about the game is the people in my alliance and here on the forum. Since that’s where the enjoyment comes from, that’s where my energy will go.

I’m continuing to play, but on my terms. If in the future I stop enjoying the game, even on my own terms, I’ll say goodbye and uninstall. No rage quits, no rants about unfair odds, no regrets (except maybe never earning a cool forum title). That’s not my style. When it’s time, I’ll exit, calmly, stage left. It’s not time yet. The curtain hasn’t rung down.


Awesome news @NPNKY !

Glad I’ll still get to read your posts and i think the approach you’re taking is a very logical one(no surprise considering who you are, very level headed)

Well written btw, best news I’ve heard all damn day


Welcome back to the community (if I can say that). Your presence is very valued here.

For me, the game has gone in phases. First there was my “leave me alone” phase. Then my “okay I’m joining an alliance” phase. Them more and more. I’m even starting a new phase soon.

That’s how I view the game. And it sounds like you’re going into a new phase. I hope you enjoy this phase of your game life.


This made me smile. Very happy to know you’re sticking around and that you’ve been able to find a balance that works for you.

Happy grinding. :wink:



Plus 19 :smile:


Happy to see you have returned @NPNKY and are trying to find balance with the game. Walking away and just breathing for awhile can give us great clarity if we listen to our inner selves. Am reading of more players who walk away and then return, but on THEIR terms.

The enlightenment is real. It breaks shackles. And makes us stronger, wiser, both as individuals and as a community.

Truly, the community here is the game’s greatest strength, and asset. The relationships forged here will remain no matter what path the game takes. When E&P is laid to rest, many of these relationships will continue. I feel very blessed.

Welcome back @NPNKY


great news - both because this means you are still getting enjoyment, and because we will still have you around :slight_smile:


I bet many hardened veterans feel this way… we’ll keep the torch lit for you for a while… no idea how long that’s gonna be…


Here’s another one who’s glad you’re sticking around @NPNKY .I appreciate your insight here on the forums.

This probably won’t apply to all, but perhaps for some. I’m under the impression that breaks are underrated, especially to competitive players who play this game daily for hours. Easily said than done to take a step back. I understand it’s difficult to part from this game and the forums at times, even for just a break. There’s always that one up coming event, emblems, quests, news, updates, the people etc.

Didn’t manage to take a break myself until over 2 years later, after playing this game daily like crazy. The game can turn more into a chore instead of a hobby. But yes, I think that breaks are underrated, and if more learned to take them more often we’d see less players quitting. Took a while for me to learn and I too have been close to quit sometimes. Some return. Healthy to take a step back and upgrade your view on things. Going to allow myself more breaks in the future instead of banging my head against the wall.



Something sweet is in the air, nice.
Have fun, again.


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