My swan song

Every game, and every player in a game, has a natural life cycle, and I think I’m reaching a premature end of mine with E&P.

I’ve played for nearly 3 years, and I’ve seen a lot of changes in the game in that time. Rare titans, Alliance Wars, Seasonal Events, Atlantis, Valhalla Emblems and their quests, Path of Valor, Advanced Stronghold, Hunters Lodge, Alchemy Lab, and Tavern of Legends all came along after I started playing. Some of the changes have been good, some not so good.

I founded Magnificent Bastards and watched it grow, outgrow itself, expand too fast, shrink and rebuild. During that time, I’ve met too many great people to even begin to name them all. We’ve developed real friendships and shared our struggles and triumphs both in game and in real life. They truly are the main reason I’ve played so long.

I’ve written a few halfway decent posts here on the forum to try to help new players get the most enjoyment possible out of the game. I’ve also met a veritable metric asstonne of wonderful people here, again far too many to name. If I tried, I’d inevitably miss someone. This forum community is unlike any I’ve ever seen in any other game, and it’s made the game better by it’s very existence.

I’ve been a beta tester for a while now, and at first I was extremely excited to have an opportunity to help keep the game growing and developing. I was glad to volunteer my time to check for bugs and evaluate new content for balance and playability.

Over the past year the feel of the game has changed.

In beta, the information we are given regarding changes with a new build is less and less complete. We are no longer given any indication of what purpose or role new content is supposed to serve, or the reason for changes to existing content. When we offer feedback regarding utility, playability or cost of a new feature, it is ignored. It really feels as though my time and effort is not valued.

In the live game, the feel has become that of an arms race. Instead of the various QoL improvements we have been begging for for the past couple of years, we keep seeing new, often OP heroes. We have a special summon portal every week, each filled with mostly TC20 heroes and a small chance at the new ones, which are so far beyond classic TC20 heroes and even old HotM as to render them obsolete. We have so many special events demanding resources and world energy that they don’t feel special anymore. They feel like a chore. I logged in earlier today to use my war flags, noticed that Guardians had started, and couldn’t muster even a flicker of interest.

I’m going to opt out and take a break from the game for a couple weeks. It’s started to feel more like a chore than a game, and the lack of response to our feedback in beta has just magnified that. After a couple weeks, I’ll make a decision whether I’m going to keep playing or turn over MB to one of my co-leaders and walk away. Realistically, unless something changes dramatically, I’ll probably walk away. I will miss everyone in MB and everyone here, but it’s time. It was beautiful but now it’s sour.


Shoot pal, I hope you find the desire. Either in the game again or elsewhere.


Oh my, I would certainly be sad to see you go. You are one of the players I admire and respect the most, one whose wisdom, level-headedness and class represents the best of this community. However, I do understand - if the game no longer is fun, if it feels like a chore, it’s best to take a break and potentially put it down.

I’m very sorry it feels that way in beta. It’s a different context, but I can say I definitely appreciate the time and effort you put into beta, and also into helping players with your advice and guidance.


I would be very sad to see you go… Often you need that breath of fresh air to decide. I play for game, not chore. You absolutely should take that break and see if the enjoyment returns. :hugs:



While I would hate to see you leave I can understand the sentiment… Enjoy your break & I hope to see you back again!


Damn it.


You’ll be missed a lot around here, you’ve been a huge help to the game and the players. Been reading your posts a long time and you were quickly one of the people i had to click when I’d see your profile pic as the most recent poster to any thread(I’m always out of likes unfortunately but i can’t think of any post you ever wrote i didn’t like, closest is this one even though i fully understand where you’re comin from since myself and others are reaching the same crossroads…it sucks)

Hopefully SG pulls their head out of their a** and realizes players don’t want a GoW arms race or a bunch of shiny buildings that are completely useless. We don’t want a front that they’re attempting to implement our suggestions, we want confirmation we’ve been heard.

So many many things they could do to this game to improve it. Just off the top of my head i could start probly 5 or 6 different discussions but…it’s a waste of time unfortunately.

Anyways i hope our paths cross in other games and who knows, maybe we’ll be teammates

Will definitely miss you until that happens


Given that drastic changes are unlikely from SG, sad to say this is likely a goodbye thread :frowning: . I also understand the frustration at the utter disregard that SG shows towards valuing our time whether it is in-game, in beta, or creating game-related content on their behalf.

But enough about them. It’s disheartening to see you go; a huge loss for the game community. I hope to see you still in the forum time to time, or maybe drop by in-game as a transitory visitor. I’m sure any of the forum folk would feel the same way. May you find joy in a new game, skill, or hobby!


You will be missed. I’ve enjoyed our small interactions and always wanted to visit y’all over at MB.

I wish you all the best.


All the best @NPNKY, sad to hear this.

Thank you for all the likes and posts over the years.

Indeed, all things come to a natural end but that doesn’t mean the start of something good isn’t around the corner.


If you don’t enjoy doing something, then it’s not worth doing.
I support your decision to take a break, though I am sure a lot of people here would miss you if you do decide not to return.

I wish you all the best. Hope you soon find the cheer and zest you’re looking for, in the game, here or some place else of your liking. :beers:


@NPNKY, when it’s your time, it’s your time

Thanks for everything from the earliest advice to your brilliant interview…


This; many, many times this.

Like you, I have been playing nearly three years. I, too, founded an alliance, watched it grow, shrink, rebuild.

Last year I reached a point where the game was a chore; constant complaints from some of the alliance members had frazzled my nerves and I was considering just walking away.
I left my alliance. Have found a place to play that makes it a game, not a job.
But there is still a possibility that the natural life cycle of the game will end for me.

@NPNKY - I hope you find a decision that brings back joy. Whether in the game or without it. I thank you for all the intelligent contributions you have made to the forum (and beta) and wish you all the very best for the future. Take care, stay safe and may life be good to you.


Take a much needed break @NPNKY and hopefully you’ll come back refreshed and looking to play in some less stressful fashion.

You are an incredible resource for new players. I have more of your posts bookmarked than any other player, and always referenced them.

Take care and enjoy your break. Hopefully it won’t be longer than necessary.


As my mentor in this game, I can’t tell you how sad this makes me. You’re a friend and such a great person in the game and in life as one of our nurse practitioner heroes. You will be greatly missed. I hope the break helps you find what you’re looking for in entertainment, whether it’s this game or another. Happy trails, my friend. Stay in touch.


Oh my days! All the names that were so familiar and helpful when I first joined the forum around 18 months ago are gradually disappearing … it is so sad.

All the names and avatars I look out for. All the voices of reason. All the really thoughtful folk who would gladly give their time and advice to newbies.

All gradually dropping away. And now you @NPNKY

Even @zephyr1 has said he may go :frowning_face:

Fare thee well @NPNKY. Make the choice, and make it wisely. Good luck.


Whatever your choice might be, respect for what you are and what you have done in this years.

Until next time…


Good luck @NPNKY. Enjoy your break and if you should not return then I wish you well in your next gaming choice.



I feel like I have nothing to say in these threads. At least, nothing new. It’s sad but I think every long time player also understands.

Your title makes me think of, “Ron Swanson, a swan song. Yeah. It gets better from there.”


I am so very sorry to see you go. You will be very much missed both within the game and in the forum. You are a true voice of reason.
I wish you all the very best for the future. Take care and stay healthy


I’ve always enjoyed and respected your posts so helpful and informative without any snarks or hint of condescension even when you disagree.

You’ll be missed if you go but I wish you all the best


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