My Spring Daily Offers Icon disappeared

I went to check on the latest offer for the spring daily special and the green egg icon isn’t there?

Any thoughts?

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It finished, last offer is done.


Oh! Really? I thought I saw the calendar continue on past today.

Thank you!

Yeah the calendar had a fixed number of slots extending before and after the actual offers; however, all the entries after this past day’s were “No Offer” so I’m not particularly surprised it disappeared.

I thought it a bit weird graphically but would’ve thought it more strange if it just hung around without more offers coming up to be fair.

Also no Telescope during the offers, meh :slight_smile:


Mine is gone too:( it still showed 3 more days this morning

I was waiting for that too

It did show 3 more days! How come it disappears? Why show 3 more days of offers?

The three more days were greyed out, which logically meant that they were not offer days (as offer days were much more brighter). There were similar 3 days at the start of the calendar, no offers then either. I presumu this visual was used so that it looked nicer and tied it a little better to a real calendar. I liked the visual reprecentation, you appreantly understood it incorrectly :slight_smile:


Hello, the same thing at home today there had to be a present and I did not have anything disappeared.
already that the game gives us no opportunity to have a nice gift… :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed::thinking::thinking::thinking:

It gave two free gifts during this event (though some complained they weren’t gifty enough). No gifts? Pshaw! :wink:

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