My scores in CE Beginner - where did I fail?

You did better than me! :grin: Grats on 2nd!

I’m assuming replay for perfect boards was done, but no information has been given out regarding what does which during game play (how does one DO that?) so it prolly comes down to trial and error or educated guesses or both.

EDIT: Check it out (and note how many flasks were used!):

Aye, but that’s for advanced, big leagues :smiley: Seeing how I finished #37 here using only the 2 flasks that dropped from finishing Beginner/Intermediate and used a whole lot of energy on the gems quests and the rare quest (plus redoing the early levels for nothing cause I had no clue which ones I should focus on, would REALLY appreciate being able to view top players full scores) I think Beginner is much more forgiving.

I think there is less competition in Beginner because the prizes are less. Still, congrats on your victory! :wink:

Beginner had close to 200,000 participants when i started it

200,000 for the top 50 spot? Or just 200,000 participants?

Participants. Intermediate and advanced appeared to gave less based on my early rankings. Only SG knows for sure

I’d love to have those facts and figures published! Always want to know what where and when in this game! :wink:


I had pretty much your same score, only different in the various stage (better on lower, worse in the middle, same on high).
Potentially i was aiming for the top, was really sure of that. Sadly in the end i waste many energy without any improvement, probably because i had room only in the latest 3 stage and only if i had items such tornado or time stop.

The problem is that i don’t have such items and even if i had, i’m really stingy :smile:

You can’t use them in Beginner :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I was going “how did you get timestop in there?!” :grin:

That’s kind of the nice part about Beginner, tbh. You can experiment more, because the items you can use are easier to replenish and you don’t feel bad for blowing 5 axes or something on a botched attempt/brain fart/for science.



I made the post that was referred to and I have some comments that may be applicable here. First, I would say that the beginner challenge is at least as competitive if not more than the advanced. There is a substantial variation in team strength in advanced, whereas there are a lot of fully leveled beginner teams. I had a mediocre beginner team that got trashed because my healer was not leveled, and I dropped to 10,500 or so at the end. I was too occupied with other things to do anything about it :slight_smile:

As some of you said, there is no timestop or tornado in the beginner, but most people don’t have more than a few of those. Timestop doesn’t work on the boss monsters in advanced anyway, I tried :frowning: The five tornados I used were accumulated over many months in the game, and I have none left. Since I am not at level 19, there is no way I can use that trick again without leveling up.

Finishing #37 in that big of a pool is great, and it looks like you were only about 30,000 from the top. You didn’t even use many flasks, so that is a great accomplishment. If I had to guess, you lost a few points from the first few levels by not churning them. I looked at the top teams, and many have Brienne. It is likely that these teams had a bit more attack power, finished the levels earlier, and that is where your lost points are. I suspect that levels 7-10 on the top few teams would be where most of the 30,000 extra points are distributed.

I’ll bet you have some techniques that could come in handy for some of us.


■■■■ true! Argh!
Then you need a really huge combos on the last 2 stage.

Even so, i don’t really know how i miss 30.000 points.

#37 in Beginner is basically garbage. All you get is a golden token (yay Nashgar -.-). You have to get to top 10 to get any ascension items.

30k from there actually felt like a long, long way to go and I didn’t know which stages I could get that out of. I’ve tried replaying stage 1 and 2 a bunch of times to no avail.

Techniques? Get a good board, pop axes, pop arrows, hope it’s all dead :joy:

I get you on the replaying stage 1 and 2. I burned entire flasks to play levels 1, 2 or 3 over and over again to no avail. One thing I didn’t put in my post is that the last improvements I made before my Hail Mary were all in levels 7-9. Those levels are more difficult, and there is more variation. Our natural instinct is to look at levels 1-3 because they cost little and have lower scores than later levels, but in this case it is wrong to restrict yourself.

In the later levels, the bosses are stronger. Having some sort of trick is key to killing them faster. Using someone like Brienne gives several advantages, including using fewer potions and the monsters firing fewer spells. Those things save on time. If there is any special in the beginner heroes to decrease mana or delay special attacks, it is worth doing.

In the advanced, when I would get an increase in levels 1-3 it was a very small 500-1000 points. However, the later levels came with 3000-5000 point increases at times. My Hail Mary had a 28K increase on the last level, so there is a lot of room at the top.


On the advanced level, I got two warm capes for finishing 11-50 and several more ascension items for finishing , plus another ascension item for finishing intermediate. However, at my stage I have enough capes; what I really wanted were the 4 star ascension items, which are rare as hen’s teeth. Those were only given to the top 10. The best thing I got from the top 50 was the avatar.

I retried #8 a bunch of times too. Didn’t know what scores 9 and 10 should give :confused:

I had Ulmer (so all defence down) Brienne (all attacks up) and a good healer (Belith).
Naturally i was working to shoot their special togheter to do much more damage.

But i don’t know why, seems to me don’t works as fine as other difficulty.
Even on good combos dont really make to kill at least one before he can even move, especially on last stage.

Then that ■■■■ panther dispel so it goes all to nothing.

I got #49 in advanced this time and #21 on the first one.

Honestly I am more impressed by people charting in beginner because of the huge number of players in that tier.

Congratulations and well done.


Bit of a bump, but I find this discussion interesting, mostly because Beginner is the only tier where I can be reasonably competitive, given the fact that I lack Wukong or any five-star hero.

With the lack of a high score per stage, posts such as this one and the one in [Challenge Event Feature Request - High Score for every stage](this thread) are interesting, as they show where we can squeeze out more points per stage.

The reason the posted scores are relevant even though they’re from past events, is because from what I’ve seen, there seem to be no scoring differences between two different challenge events. Based on the past challenge events that I’ve participated in, each wave seems to have two scoring components that are the same for each specific wave in the different events: enemy bonus and health bonus.

Enemy bonus is simply the bonus you get for beating the enemies. It’s not the same for each different wave, but the same wave always has the same bonus. For instance, completing Wave 1 on Beginner will always give you 5500 points for beating it, but Wave 8 on Beginner will always give you 11040 points.

The health bonus decreases as you take hits and increases as you recover health. It’s similar to the enemy bonus in that it’s the same for same wave, but different per wave. The maximum number of points for health is 4400 in Wave 1 on Beginner and 8832 on Wave 8 on Beginner. This point total cannot be influenced by tossing in Heroes with more health, as it seems to be based on the percentage of health you’ve lost: when you lose 20% of your total health pool, you’ll get 80% of the maximum score. This approach is close, but still off by a few points.

Both of these point totals is at least true for Wave 1 on Beginner, in both this event and a previous event (sorry, forgot which one). I haven’t tested it for all waves, but I’d wager it to be true for every wave. These are also the easiest to influence, as healing your entire team is easy to do for the final blow and you always get the enemy bonus for beating a wave.

Based on those numbers, I believe that there is no real difference between the challenge events, other than what enemies you’re facing.

This basically means that a high score is dependent on two factors: speed and match bonus. These are trickier to control. Beating a wave purely with items and skills gives you zero match points. I once beat wave 1 this way, but it resulted in a very low score: lower than when I simply matched gems.
This is probably why Brienne is very useful in this tier: her skill allows you to kills opponents faster, while still making matches.
Since this is based on the board, I can only assume that getting a good score requires a lot of restarts.

Here are my Beginner scores for this event:
Wave 1: 31042
Wave 2: 36405
Wave 3: 39624
Wave 4: 41947
Wave 5: 46259
Wave 6: 53308
Wave 7: 56904
Wave 8: 54482
Wave 9: 60916
Wave 10: 68016

The lower waves are pretty similar in score compared to those @Ellilea’s first post, but there is some room for me in the higher waves.


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