My reply to developers with the titan loot and wishes

I want to repeat my message in the new topic because previously it was flagged.

"Dear development team, honestly, I don’t even know what you’re going to shrink. Three-star and four-star things for rebirth drop quite rarely, three gems - the most popular reward for six-star and more titans. And nothing more. From four to six ingredients, food, iron, 1-4 items from the forge. About one of ten gives a flask, one of five gives 3*-4* object for rebirth. It is about.

In fact, it would be better to work on the Alliance war in the update. Opponents get unequal even with the Titan, because it is possible to reduce points. Maybe it makes sense to appoint a rival just before the war, that no one can know the opponent in advance and are not assembled defense tactics? In this case, it will be possible to recruit people into the Alliance during the preparation.

I think my idea should be supported."

To summarize, I want to say that the war of alliances needs much more elaboration. 24 hours of preparation is too much. And looks titans not touch, there and so to reduce nothing to acquire.
About titan awards, killing two or more titans in a day doesn’t bring the big privileges. The chances of expensive rewards are quite low to give a strong imbalance between free players and Alliance members. In addition, mercs are rarely able to break through damage to rank B or higher in 1-2 attempts, so the rewards are also low.

Please keep the rewards as they are now and improve the quality of the war. Thank you for listening.


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