My reaction when I saw the second offer

Thank you. I have both of those so I see the difference. I also have a couple 3* with a hollow heart. Are they different?

And here I was thinking they were all the same until I started reading some.

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@Luiz Really? Why? What don’t you believe? That I don’t care about the epic hero tokens because I have lots of 5* heroes and all 4* heroes (and all 3* for that matter) Welp, here is my hero roster (does it look like I need epic hero tokens?). As you can plainly see, many heroes stuck at level 60 and 70.

And here are my level 20 Crit troops and my level 12 mana troops (again, does it look like I need the troop tokens?)

Believe me now?


The attributes of 3* and 4* troops come in different combinations but are individually are the same.


Thanks. Just found something on it as well.

You have a nice assortment of fun. I have an assortment just not as large. I have a lot to level. Only have 3 5* as of now (Joon, Nat, and Obakan). A lot of useful 4* though so it keeps me busy until I can get some more 5’s.

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Fair enough! Frankly, I don’t blame you! Lol.


Dude, let me teach you something visual. When you reply to a person on forum, it shows on the top right a arrow and the person avatar. You can totally see I was replying to armytage as a joke, because I sensed a total sarcasm from him and I was joking.
At no moment at all I referred to you or cared about you. Nice post by the way and have a nice game with your offer bought. Cheers for you

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Thank you! Apologies for my misunderstanding. Peace!!
20 characters


stares agog at your collection

I’m going to sit near you and just dream:wink:



Well after all I’ve spent on that lineup, you’ll be sitting next to me in my cardboard box under a bridge! :grin:


I’ll bring the bottle in the brown paper bag… :grin:


Being a mere sardine myself, I also looked at this second “hot offer” and raised the ol’ eyebrows. So not for me LMAO.

Obviously the first offer is aimed at a more broad audience, and the second at a much more narrow audience, being the players with heaps of gems waiting to be spent just because.

Think of that second offer as an advertisement for a luxury Mercedes. You wish you could buy it right? You know you’d be paying way more than the weight of metal and the value of the parts is worth, and yet if you had the cash that would be the price you’d be willing to pay because Mercedes.

I did get that first offer though. That, I thought, was okay. Holy ascension mats were just what I needed, and my Delilah agrees with me.

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Oh my goodness! That’s hella lots of 5* heroes. How much did you invest in this game if you don’t mind answering my question.

You didn’t get any sponse from E&P right?

That looks painfully accurate.

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That’s like asking a lady her age!
Or not.
Here is my reply from earlier this year:

Sponsorship? Lol. No…alas not (but a helluva good idea!)

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Did you seriously spend over $8,000 on a phone game? :scream:

As absolute as that number looks, it’s actually a lot more relative than you might think.

Case in points: when I was a student, I visited the casino. I placed a 2,5 euro bet on the roulette table. That bet was worth to me an hour of labor. I lost three times in a row. Next to me was an older guy. He had a stack of plastic coins that were larger than my puny one, and square in shape like a credit card. On each one the amount of 10.000 euro. In the time it took me to lose 3 hours worth of my labor, that guy lost 30.000 euro.

I was disappointed and my entertainment budget for the night was spent. He kept on playing and whether he had a poker face or not, didn’t seem to care one bit.

Needless to say the sheer amount of FUN I could have had with just one of his 10.000 coins was just crazy compared to what he did with them. I mean, I could have spent a MONTH in Lloret de Mar partying like I mean it and ended up with every STD in this world to show for it. Point is, the 10.000 euro meant less to the guy than the 2,5 euro did to me.

So you might as well be gasping at someone buying a cinema ticket, and just how silly does that look? Relatively speaking, that is.


Yes sir I did.

(and people like me allow this game to exist for those that are F2P).


Then I should say thank you.
Please spend more.
I understand it’s all relative.


Interesting point.

But let me share my opinion about it based on foodstuffs. You’re obviously a “big yummy cake”, and many of us are just mere breadcrumbs. But still get enough of the breadcrumbs and you’ll grow big and fat too. It’s just so much better with cherries on your cake, for sure.

But it goes further. There’s the mythic visions. Suppose SG would get 0,01 euro for every single view, do the math and compare all those fractions of breadcrumbs to your cake. What would actually have the highest nutrition value? Your cake is the bigger meal in itself though by far, no denying.

And we’re not there yet. This game would not exist without spenders, true. But also: this game would not be very populated without free/small spender players. And without a nice big active population the spenders don’t come around or spend nearly as much, now do they?

In the end we all need each other and can’t do without each other either. Merit and value are two different things.


My personal issue isn’t with people who have enough money to feel that it’s an offer worth buying, it’s the fact that as some breakdowns comparing it to other hot offers show, it’s an awful deal in terms of what you get compared to what you pay when compared to a more typical big offer we’ve seen.

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