My reaction when I saw the second offer

Need I say more?


Hahaha :joy::joy::joy::joy: :joy::joy:
Very good

Here was mine!


Yeah, I also thought it was too few jewels to accept it. Come on SG, that trove of items is worth at least 15k jewels!

… or not :smiley: :joy:


I think the hot part of the offer is referring to the heat from setting money on fire to dispose of it.


Well… i think the stuff you buy is great :slight_smile:

10x epic = 2600, 10x epic troops is…??? dunno so i can do better by investing 52 euro.
Further on the ascension material is the other half… for THIS prize total?

to get 10 3 :high_brightness: heroes? I think you must have drunk a lot of beer to take this offer :smiley:


meanwhile in the offices of SmallGiants


I wonder if there has been even ONE guy at SG who even tried to stick his neck out for the F2P.


Anyone who bites on this amazingly awful offer deserves to have their money taken. A fool and his money are soon parted (and replaced by 10 3* heros).


(A new day dawns in the offices of SG)

Financial Director (FD): I have called this meeting…
Lead Developer (LD): (yawn) Duuude… the sun is still rising.
Managing Director (MD): Look, I’m sure this is important.
FD: We need to test the waters. Income is not increasing at the rate I’d like…
LD: C’mon dude - it’s a game - people want to play and (yaaawn) the sun is still rising
MD: Hear him out
FD: My plan is: Let’s set this rediculous offer and see how many suckers…
MD: Don’t you mean ‘customers’?
FD: errr… customers…
LD: ( or as I would refer to them… ex-players )
FD: …CUSTOMERS take to this. We’ll brand it…
Marketing Director (MkDir): HOT! We’ll brand it HOT!
FD: Yes… what he said. Hot. We’ll brand it hot. They can’t resist.
MkDir: We’ll add sparklies and graphics and stuff that makes it look irresistible.
LD: groan
MD: Has promise
FD: They’ve paid through the nose before… they’ll lap this up. They’re desperate for goodies - have you seen the complaints on the boards?
LD: Maybe this is not such a good idea?
MkDir: No, it’s great! And we’ll put in another that is also great for the cheapies who don’t want to pay for the whole enchilada.
FD: Yeh - Marketing is on the same page - I say we do it! Vote? (Slaps a hand over the mouth of LD)
LD: Mblblblbmmmmmmm
MD: Ok - carries. Great idea. Carry on.


I feel sorry for anyone who saw that and bought it.


I am interested to hear if anyone did. I won’t judge, would just like to hear the reasoning for it.

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I bought it. I have money, I don’t care.


Fair enough. That is your right.

I am curious how the tokens turned out?

I’m totally judging you.

Rockstar might be above that.

But I am not.


I bought it (the same guy above who posted the little girl throwing money out the window)

I couldn’t have cared less about the tokens…I did it solely for the ascension mats. I am awash in 5* heroes that are stuck at 2’60 and 3’70 and need all the help I can get!
The epic troop tokens landed me 3 4* troops (but my Crit troops are all at level 20 and my mana troops all at level 12). The epic hero tokens were a mixture of 4* and 3* heroes (which simply made for an expensive meal for my 5* and some 4* heroes)


Lol I totally don’t believe you :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I thought someone added an extra digit.

Wish I still had the gems for the first one. :wink:


Makes a lot of sense. Some people are in that predicament with mats more than others so it may make sense.

I do have a question regarding the troops. How do you tell if they are crit or mana troops? Thanks.

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Crit troop on right, Mana on left


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