My Raid Tournament Issues with 3* and 4* and Emblem Drops

To put some context to this - this is an adaptation of an email that I have already sent to SG regarding my experience with the 3* and 4* raid tournaments. The gist is simple. The selection process still needs work. Simply put, when in a 5* tournament, I get attacked over 100 times. When it’s 3* and 4*, I barely get attacked. This was from 2-3 raid tournaments ago, but I was attacked once on day 1. I lost. I was relegated to E defense the rest of the way. I got 200 points/day. Others got A for a few attacks as well. For them, they got 900 points. That’s 700 points a day, which is more than 1 extra win on attack a day. Over 5 days, that’s 3500 points. I had no way to make up this deficit. If we were talking C range, that’s 1500 points, which is also essentially 3 extra wins. The issue becomes that there is essentially no way to get top 1% if this happens. The emblem loot gets nerfed and there’s nothing you can do about it. If it were normal game play, that’s one thing, but this is a clear issue with the selection process. No one should be attacked once total. Especially when I get attacked in the 5* over 100 times.

The emblems are the most important addition to the game that has come recently. Moreso than any other feature. And it represents a huge bottle neck. It’s going to take the better part of a year just to get the first set of 5* heroes fully emblemed. This leaves little room for the 4s or the 3s unless you’re going to rob Peter to pay Paul and take from your 5s. So in some sense, there really are not enough emblem drops to begin with. The raid tournaments are clearly broken and SG even acknowledges that it’s a work in progress, but in the mean time, the stratification is too steep.

A few suggestions:

  1. Make the stratification on emblems less steep until you guys can figure out the raid events. It’s a problem.

  2. If someone is not attacked 5 or 10 times (you figure out what limit), make it so that they cannot have worse than a C grade. It’s just too steep of an unfair drop off to lose once and that’s it.

  3. In general, we need more emblems. The rate is slower currently than any other form of leveling and it’s in my opinion hurting the game.

There needs to be more attention paid to clear game errors that have in-game consequences such as this. This is a feature that never has been really gotten right and should be addressed before the additional beta features come out. I understand the nature of board luck and “luck of the draw” in this game, but the raid tournament bugs are an entirely different issue entirely. I get that it would be quite difficult to appropriately match up hundreds of thousands of people, but then the differences in loot shouldn’t be so steep for now as this is really a major source of emblems.

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Well said. I have sufficient maxed heroes so can field a decent defense for these tournaments, maybe not ideal but generally above average.

Sure luck and rng play a factor but as an example, this past tournament I too was attacked once day one and got e grade. It improved to c grade on day two but it was over.

On the other extreme, the prior two tournaments, I started out with one win on day one for a grade and the momentum carried over into top 200 overall. Loot wasn’t good but nonetheless, just giving my personal experience on how tournament # attacks can impact overall score and loot tier.

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