My raid arena

I am gold. Have been a little while. I hit the next level briefly a few weeks ago. But only for probably a day. Every since then anyone I go to raid is way over gold level. WTF? I can’t raid. You have me up a platinum or diamond level every time.

Personally, I really wouldn’t worry too much about it.
The trophy count means very little.
And you are far better staying at a level that allows you to fill your raid chest on a daily basis.
My advice would be to just think about raids a little differently… it’s a great learning tool to take on higher level teams or heroes

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Raid match-ups are determined by your own cup total and +/- 300 cups(I’ believe that’s the precise range). From my own experience, that seems to trend much more toward the +300, than the -300, but that’s how your raid match-ups are set.

It’s not based on the arena, but your own cup total, but because of the way match-ups are done, you’re likely to fight teams with much stronger defenses than your own, do in part to not just the spread used, but also the fact that cup totals are very fluid under normal circumstances and there’s also the segment of cup droppers out there as well.

So, this is not a bug, but explicitly the way raiding is designed. If for some reason, you’re running into teams that beyond that +300 total to your own cup total, then it could possibly be a bug, but screen shots would help in that regard.

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