My Prayers Were Answered...Kind of

All month, I wait…I wait… I knew Kageburado was coming back and this was going to be my one shot my one opportunity, I won’t let it blow. Long has a 5* purple eluded me. I did my yoga, said my prayers…give me that elusive 5* purple Barbarian. I need you for class quests…I need you…I have tabards waiting. Give me the goods, GIVE ME THE GOODS. I PRAYED HARD AND THE ATLANTIS GODS HEARD MY PRAYERS AND THEY WERE REWARDED.51237846_355619658323467_3956982382308884480_n

Unfortunately I was praying to the Shark God, not the Samurai God, apparently.


MoK Aar, the best SharkNado ever…:sweat_smile:

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I… i… i’m so sorry dude. Really.

Give this man a hug.


I wish I could trade you my Kage, or second Sartana, Domitia, Khiona.
The shark will forever elude me.


Well, the shark-gods (and any other gods for that matter) seem to be def to my eight month of constant prayers… Maybe if I sacrificed some chickens or a goldfish… :rofl:

:rofl: Nice post! Funniest way ever to say you didn’t get what you were hoping for. Sorry your prayer got misrouted man.


-hides goldfish- (can’t hide chickens… too noisy)

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I did 22 pulls (2 x10, 200 tokens) hoping for a 5* that’s not Quintus and praying to get the Onionoatmeal bonus pull.

Amazingly I pulled a 5* from the second batch of atlantis coins and my first x10 pull.

  1. My THIRD Quintus :expressionless:

  2. Thoth Amun. Idk how to make the best of him though. I should of prayed for Sartana or Kage. Anyone who has him wanna tell me where he shines?

Decently perked up because i got Sonya who has evaded me so far. I also got a second Wilbur. Not sure if I need a second but its good to have just in case. Still didn’t get proteus


@King_Kyree77 is our Thoth expert. He’s had a Thoth tank for quite a while. If you look through his posts, you’ll find several good analyses, plus a neat video of Thoth doing his thing.


I pulled Thoth back in 2017. After finally getting to 12 tabards, I gave him a set.

He hasn’t paid attention to my requests to return them… :rage:

Seriously, though, he’s not bad but no my favorite. He’s a pain sitting in the corner, but his special damage isn’t great. He benefits by being one of the rare 5* sorcerers—though I think Quintus gains more there. The Delay may slow attackers down so that Quintus can fire his deadly but slow attack.


If you ever figure that one out, please let me know. Gobbler owes me some AM from back when I was C2P and he was my only green 4*…


@Garanwyn Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely be checking that out!


Thanks for your imput! Just from looking I think Thoth’s only edge over Quintus is speed. I feel like minions are great for stalling fatality of the team, but Thoth only gives them to himself — so im not very confident there.

Do you think he’s worth the glove/compass/trap tools to get to teir 3?

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Depends on who else you have. Proteus is way better, e.g. [edit: at 4/70 than Thoth is at 3/70.]

Bro you made my day :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy:, sharkgod

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I remember seeing another post where you said you thought Quintus benefited from his class. Could you please elaborate on this? Not saying I disagree; the class system is still so new and I’m trying hard to understand it and learn as much as I can about it.

Is it that Quintus is the only TC 20 hero in the Sorcerer class (all the others have at least two)? Or is it that you feel the other sorcerers are weak? Or that the sorcerer talent goes particularly well with the stats / specials skill of Quintus / Thoth?

Very nice. Congratulations!!

Just out of curiosity.

Have been playing for 9 month now.

So far I got 2 5*. ( Quintus and Mokk-Arr. )

I am planning for a mono purple team. :smile:


Keep waiting for a “usefull” 5* purple. ( Any color welcome )

Maxing Quintus for tank poition. ( Do you think Quintus is better than Boril or Kash. ? )

Maxing Mokk-Arr for mono purple. ( and kill myself when a usefull 5* purple pops up the moment after the final ascncion of Mokk. :smile: )

Wow, that’s all a tough call. Thoth is probably the better tank, both from his special and stats. Given that you are not drawing many 5* heroes, I think you should just play with what you have.

I am praying for thorn and Inaris to pass by my account

This. I think the Sorcerer class is one of the stronger class talents (better on offense, but…). Quintus (more than Thoth) has durability issues with his relatively low (for a 5*) 636 defense. Slow, squishy heroes often don’t live long enough to cast. The sorcerer’s Delay skill may buy Quintus or Thoth some extra time before dying to cast their special.

(I note that Delay is stronger on offense because it has a chance of triggering whenever normal damage is done. Normal damage on offense = tile damage, while on defense = slash attack. Typically one drops a lot more purple tiles than one per three turns.)


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