My pizza oven is under attack!

My oven is under attack!
Pizzas are at stake!

You’ve got it right, my alliance has finally decided to follow everyone and switch to green tanks.
But I’m honestly struggling with picking my war def team.
All my levelled 5s are in the pic. I don’t mind moving some emblems.

What would you suggest?


If you want rainbow, I’d go with Vela, Kunchen, Telluria, Jean-Francois, Poseidon.

Alternatively, Vela, Quintus, Telluria, Jean-Francois, Vivica.

I’m far from an expert, however, and only have a few of the heroes on your roster.

I’m not 100% strict about rainbow. And I’m not a fan of Quintus on defense.
I’m also both open to suggestions involving kunchen or no additional healers at all (aside from what telluria already does).

I’m even considering things like: vela/mitsuko/tell/c.magni/lianna and mitsuko/vela/tell/poseidon/JF

So I’m really open to ideas.

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Well, even after the nerf, I think Telluria is still the best tank around, going simply by how much trouble I have with them whenever I face them. Enemy damage, mana reduction, and healing. Add Vela’s fast skill and Quintus’ damage and the enemy is pretty much done by the time all three of them fire.

Personally, I use Santa as my tank (for lack of anyone better), Vela and Isarnia as my wings, and Mother North and Sartana as my flanks.

Tell at tank with Mitsy and Vela at left and right flanks respectively already makes it tough. I’d probably go Wu Kong in left wing and Kunchen in Right wing.

And if you can get emblems on the Monolith of Ice, I wouldn’t shy away from C. Magni-Mitsy-Tell-Vela-Lianna.

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That’s tempting. The only thing that makes me hesitate about going green tank + two blues is heroes like Mitsuko on the opponent’s side.

And regarding your first offer, would you rate jolly randomness of WuKong over solid Poseidon?

With 18 emblems, Wu Kong becomes more accurate and with multi-enemy hitters like Vela, Tell, and Mitsuko, any of their hits could be critical when under Wu’s dice.

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I would try PURPLE - Vela - Telluria - JF - Poseidon as a rainbow.

The purple is the difficult one!

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Yeah, Kunchen rarely ever fires in the wing. And Clarissa can’t get emblems as she’s a defender :frowning:

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Vela is a flank.
She doesn’t do enough at wing… And besides, even post nerf she’s a punisher on reds, which attackers will want to bring against Telluria.
Even post nerf, this is an excellent defensive synergy - it’s not quite broken anymore, but still very very good.

Telluria is your tank.

Your second flank…

  • Mits blue punishment is irrelevant because blue stacks are not preferred against Telly. Damage is okay and mana cut has some synergy with Telly but less than it was before.
  • Kunch gives you healing, defence debuff that Vela and whoever right wing is could take advantage of.
  • JF gives DoT and protects you against defence debuff, his resistance to ice is irrelevant, however.

I’m seeing fast snipers in Poseidon and Marjana that would make great wings, with useful amounts of emblems too… This points me towards using your nicely emblemed Kunch as a flank.

So for me…
Poseidon - Kunch - Telly - Vela - Marj.

The nice thing about a healer flank in war teams is that it punishes bad boards doubly - your defence can win and repair any damage sometimes, both decreasing points received and making it harder to kill on the second flag.

Things I would not do… Slow hero’s on wings, healers on wings (useful in lower level wars, but in wars where players have deeper benches it’s far easier to clean up), blue on wing.
With so many nicely emblemed and finished 5* hero’s I wouldn’t want to be putting 4* hero’s in if a suitably synergistic all-5* option exists - as good as a +20 4* can be, it doesn’t compare to a 10+ emblem 5*.


That would surely be a good lazy option as it doesn’t require me to move emblems (it’s always a pain). I’m honestly considering it.

But I’m still open to other ideas that involve moving emblems, too.
If someone gets a sudden revelation, do tell me!

Can’t get through the day without a proper pepperoni.
Therefore, good defense is crucial!

To me the emblems are a secondary consideration as this is probably the best choice anyway.


If we’re staying rainbow then the only purple that’s flank friendly is Sartana - unless you want to strip Proteus (which I doubt?) then she’s not really an option.

The only interesting option, to me, with emblem swapping is to run Zim left wing for cleanse and attack boost…
This means removing emblems from Vela, so she’s off flank - the obvious replacement is C-Magni, which means stripping emblems from Poseidon and/or Boldtusk.
We now want another holy wing - Malosi is very fast but not impactful enough in defence. Norns hits quite hard, which would mean stripping Mitsy.

So that alternative vision is:
Zim - Kunch - Telly - cMagni - Norns.

However… I wouldn’t do it.
As useful as Zim in on attack, that Vela synergy on defence is more powerful than having Magni there.
Magni is worth embleming with that costume bonus on board, but unless you’re running him wing I don’t think you want both him and Vela on the same team.
Norns special isn’t fully utilized on defence, and Mitsy is far more worthy of the emblems in attack.

If you want to keep it rainbow, I much prefer my first option :slight_smile:


I’d probably go with figs, goat cheese, soppressata, walnuts, and a splash of balsamic vinegar. Manages to go rainbow on the major tastes. Though I will warn you that it’s surprisingly susceptible to being one-shot.


Mmm, I would be willing to try that but I’ll never admit it around my Italian friends.


I’m not strict on rainbow def if the synergy justifies going off-balance.
That alternative (Zim - Kunch - Telly - cMagni - Norns). I sort of have problems judging Norns. I’m hardly seeing them in def teams. They have a unique skill which can create some mess, but their speed is average and out of the few fights I got against them, I don’t remember them giving me much problems. Also, it’s difficult to strip Mitsuko as I’m using her a LOT with all those Vela flanks roaming around.

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Indeed, I wouldn’t do it either.

Sorcerer, Paladin and Druid emblems look off-limits to me.

So that leaves fighter (Poseidon/BT to Magni?), Cleric (Kunch to Grazul or Vivica?!), Barbarian (Grimm/LJ to Malosi?) or Wizard (Kiril to JF?)

Magni would have to be on a wing because Vela has to be flank and two blue flanks is too susceptible to green stack, but then two Blues anywhere encourages greens (either way it puts down Vela’s utility - she’s most punishing on reds).

I wouldn’t actually run Grazul on defence anyway, though she might be useful in attack… But then what replaces Kunch on that flank? JF can do it quite well, Mitsuko can do it well but without blues in attack you don’t see all of her special, if Malosi goes anywhere it’s probably flank but he’s caused me no problems when I’ve faced him anywhere (minor irritation at most!).

Any way I look at it, I go back to that first option I submitted :+1:

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Graz Vela Tell Jean Pose

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Wu Kong only enhances the slash attacks on defense. Pick Poseidon, even if no emblems and Wu has them.

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Zelene, Marjana, telly, vela, Poseidon.

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Incorrect. Wu Kong and Ranvir both enhance normal and special skills. I had this discussion before. I believe it was @ThePirateKing who told me the difference between dice and bullseye buff icons.

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