My pipe dream about emblems. Or how to make ALL heroes relevant

Emblems are such great feature, and they can help us equalize all heroes (from 3* to 5* at least).

My proposal is there:

  1. Make 5* to be +20 max
  2. Make 4* to be +40 max
  3. Make 3* to be +60 max.

Cost to max should be equal (so, for example, bring 3* hero to +60 should cost 1500 emblems, as bring 5* hero to +20 and 4* hero to +40)

For levels 21-40, adopt my proposal from Active class ability as center perk, and let all other to be stats.
For level 41-60, allow 3* heroes to choose another class where you can pick active ability from.

But I understand than SG will never do this, because why anyone would chase 5*, if he can evolve 3*?

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