My pet dragon is crying and it shouldn't be!

On the base, my pet dragon says I have ~7 hours and 32 minutes before my VIP pass expires and he is crying…understandably so, but when I click on the PLUS to add gems, my VIP status shows me that I have 1 day and 7 hours left.

Something is wrong, someone needs to get ahold of the devs to sort this out. 1 day is not a big deal, but he shouldn’t stop blowing fire while my VIP is STILL active.

It seems the two time checks are not equal…and I either have an extra day, or they are shorting me a day…anyone seeing this?


Any idea what could be going on here?


The timer under the dragon is for when you can pick up gems - it does expire when time on the gem screen runs out.

Means you get gems in 7 hours and then have one more day.

ok, you’re right, so that makes sense…

I don’t recall him crying in the past though…I guess that is new… LOL.

I reupped the VIP anyway, so he is flappin and burnin.

All good I guess.


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