My personal quest to get my first 5* from tc 20. Starting now from SH 18

It’s not easy to detect the difference. Perhaps, it would be better for readers if you posted only progress?

By the way, I’m advancing in the same direction towards TC20.


After you waited for 6 days to build TC20 you have to wait for 7 more days to complete a research. Sad. :frowning:

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It probably will take more. I’m now leveling to 16. Tomorrow i can level to 17. So after finishing the Stronghold i must get the TC on level 20 first. In the mean time i have to solve the problem of getting enough food.

I think 4x level 12 food storage will give enough food to be able to research level 20. BUT…
at the moment (see my last overview) i just got 3x10. So I’ve decided to level the current three to 12 which gonna cost me some time and then level last storage to 12. That’s gonna cost me 2 days.

Maybe i can do (as i have vip pass) some extra whilest upgrading tc to 20 to do the upgrading of the food storages whilst upgrading TC. Then i won’t loose to many time. At this moment my pase is right, just being hampered by having too many cups and not being able to get enough iron from raids.

Theoreticly it could be this month i can start with my first tc. After which the race begins getting more troops keeping 4 TC’s Running. 3 at level 20, 1 at another level.

So in spare time i must look to get my houses leveled and get my farms leveled to get enough food, iron and recruits to be able to let them run. Just being curious if i get my first 5* from training this month and how long it will take me to level everything so i can constantly train heroes.

So next sunday SH level 20
I think a week later (would be fast) TC at level 20
Another week later completed training level 20 and starting for training level 19.

This month begin training is very positive. :smiley: But i’ll find out and let you all know :sunny:

For me 3 food storages at level 17 worked. Now I’m leveling one of them to 20 to get an achievement.

Okay, Sunday afternoon, 13th of may. 3rd week.

My SH = 20 !!!

My 1st TC 17 >> 18

storage 2x 10, 1x 10 >> 11 , 1x 11

So 2 x leveling TC1 left
7x leveling food storages left.

Then i’ve got 4xlevel 12 storage. Would be enough i think.

So if everything goes as planned it could be 2 weeks still. Despite the nerf in raiding. It can’t be done in a month from my starting point.

I don’t know which level the houses must be to serve 1 tc 20 continuously to 4 tc 20 continuously. So busy still a while. I stop reporting weekly when i’m starting with my first tc 20 heroe. I will try to keep statistics.

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First training in my TC20 started 10 minutes ago. A result will be in two days. Keep fingers crossed. :smiley:

Ho i want to know what rating drop 4and 5 at TC

4star and 5star drop rating

@VFROOD I think you’re on the right track, keep at it!

@Cosmar / @VFROOD and whoever else is interested, see this topic for tracking of TC20 results, particularly see the linked spreadsheet which now has over 2000 training results collected: Training Camp lvl 20 - Results

To give the highlights of the drop rates, it looks like TC20’s produce about 75% 3*, 20% 4*, and 5% 5*. Which I think is quite fantastic actually, those are better odds than the summons and also a lot better than TC13. I have started TC20 training almost 7 weeks ago, got 2 camps running at level 20 now, and got 8 4* and 2 5* so far (a bit above average, percentage wise). I’m feeding my results in the spreadsheet as well. Notably, I have never gotten any 5* from the summons, so the 2 I do have both came from the TC20’s. I would highly recommend getting 1 or 2 TC20s a priority for anyone wanting 4*/5* heroes.

FYI, one training at level 20 takes 100 recruits and 297k food, and takes 2 days exactly. I have no issue keeping 2 camps running at level 20 continuously - and a 3rd at level 11 continuously, and the 4th at level 11 with bursts of level 19 training (which is very fast).

Good luck!

Update week 4.

20th of may 2018.

SH 20!
TC another day to 20.

All mines 18
All iron storages 18
All food storages 12

Have been working this week on leveling food storages for research. Tomorrow i can start research.
Have been working on my houses. All min 10.

Next i’ll be working on is getting all my farms at max level, and all my tc’s too.

So end of may i expect my first hero.

I’m now reviewing if i’m gonna hold my vip pass. As i can use other ways to buy diamonds, the tickets i don’t care and builders are now of minor use i think. But maybe just one mont to hurry up the TC’s.

I renewed my VIP pass after completing TC20 about three weeks ago or so without hesitation. It’s still the 2nd best offer diamondwise I think (after the event offer each month), plus you get the 2nd builder and the extra stuff. And trust me, you’ll want another TC20 asap after the first one to increase your chances for a 5*. Plus, once the 4*s start rolling out of the TC, you’ll need a sh^tload of food to level them up, especially when using TC19 to get heroes for training. So the sooner all your farms are leveled up, the better.

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My first TC20 is now running for 7 days. Gave me 2 3* and one 4* so far. 2 builders are still working hard on improvement of Watch Tower, Forges, TCs and storages, plenty of work for both builders.

Seems like this is more of a blog than a player guide.

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Yup you’ll need that, TC20 research takes about 1.3 million hams as I recall… it takes a week which I’m sure you know by now. :slight_smile:

Farms at max will be good, I’m working on that myself at the moment.

But maxing all 4 TC’s I think is going to be overkill, unless you are planning to run all 4 camps at level 20 at the same time. I’ve been running 2, which personally I think is enough, and leaves me 2 camps to train fodder for leveling up my heroes. I did level a 3rd camp to 19, and the 4th is at level 11. Since TC19 is so fast, I see no reason to upgrade the 4th camp to that… will never need to run 2 TC19’s concurrently (I mean, a hero a minute… you can only run that some of the time anyway, there aren’t enough recruits and hams in the world to run that all day).

Short update: This afternoon i started my first training.

Now leveling up next TC (already at 15)… and my farms.

So I started at 22th of april, it’s now 28th of may. It is possible to go from my starting position to first training in bit more than a month time using vip pass.

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7th of june i got my first 5* from the 5th training. So it can be done from level 18 within 2 months starting where i was.

Still upgrading tc’s. Now 2nd on 19 waiting for enough food to start research for 19. After that i could try to power up one of my heroes (will be Alasie) to level 4, from level 1. :smiley:

Conclusions: it’s hard work, you need vip and you must be very lucky to get Marjana in 5 trainings, but it IS possible to get from level 18 SH to 5 star hero within 2 months.

Congratulations! You are lucky. My TC20 brought me only 3 4* and some 3* so far.

Congrats, and nice work. Now see how long it takes to get your Alasie from level 1 to max… I’ve got my Magni nearly at max (4/76)… closing in on 6 weeks to get there (he did have some extra focus, but wasn’t the only one being leveled). Cue up your farms… :slight_smile:

My Alasie will take a while.

I only have 7 telescopes now and i need 8 warm jackets? to fully get her to 4. first 4 to get to tier 3 and then four to get to tier4. I’m choosing (as they don’t differ much) to get Alasie to 2-60 And level her as fast as possible :slight_smile:

Next to level after Magni will be Sartana and then Delilah. (just need one dart for her). Zeline is still waiting for that one potion, so have some work to do. Red 5 star will take longer too.

Actually yes. 5 at level 18 gives you 1970k iron. You need 1969k. I am doing sh 20 as I write this.

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