My Panther removes my Wilburs share-damage effect from enemies?


is thr problem described in topic bug or intentional change?

should effects casted by my heroes be affected for my best? that is for the best of the owner of the casted-effect?

No, they should be affected by how the effect work: Wilbur gives a buff to your foes and Panther get rid of it.
If you want to keep the shared damage on foes you have to cast Panther’s special first and the Wilbur’s ones.

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Spirit Link (damage sharing) is considered a positive effect as thus is removed.

When Rigard removes conditions from his allies, the damage sharing stays and in case of Wilbur the -def is removed and the Spirit Link stays.

From a game mechanics perspective everything is fine but it’s tricky business this spirit link.
Combined with a defensive buff it’s great, but without or like in Wilbur’s case with reduced defense, the shared damage is a severe thread, so I tend to agree that in this case removing it from the opponent (any debuf hero does that) is a disadvantage.
But for now it works as designed so just make sure you use the correct order to get the result you want.

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Thanks everyone. I think I have to live that. (Accept the result based on skill wordings from lawyer-speak point of view.)

I’d still consider friend removing a friendly buff, beneficial especially, a brain-fart.

add: i did submit a ticket for this one.

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