My optimum defense 4* team


I beg your advice. As regards my ascended enough 4* heroes, I have:

  • Caedmon, Rigard, Grimm, Li Xiu, Scarlett (these 5 in this order are my current defense team), Wu Kong, Boril, Tiburtus, Triton - 4/70
  • Sumitomo, Little John, Hu Tao - 3/60

The other 4* and a few my 5* are too junior. :slight_smile: What will my optimum defense team be? I have enough AM to ascend any of those 3/60.

I am e.g. thinking about synergy between Li Xiu and Little John, but LJ seems a bit fragile to me…

I have even a lot of 3*, if you think some of them are worth joining the team…

Thx in advance!

Tanking with Grimm probably isn’t the best idea, a bit squishy

Of the ones you currently have levelled, suggest the following order

Grimm Rigard Li Caedmon Scarlett

That puts the tougher ones in the middle, and the hitters to the outside

Boril is good up to a certain level, but his shelf life is probably not much past where you are now

I wouldn’t have thought any of the rest would make a big difference for you defensively but given you only have one levelled healer I would highly recommend using Triton as a heal buffer. You could try

Grimm Rigard Li Tiburtus Triton

as a palindrome defense, but don’t think it would be significantly better, I would recommend not worrying too much about defense and ascending thestuff which will help on attack


I would put similar to yours with a twist:

Rigard - Caedmon - Li - Grimm - Scarlett

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