My only issue with the revenge bar - what do you think?

OK, let me start by saying that I LOVE the revenge bar and the arrows! Initially they were a bit strong, but after the change I find them at a great place. It’s great mechanic to scratch your brain before attacking.

The only thing that really annoys me, is if you double/triple a color to take out a tank, especially if the tank is a healer, which is often the case, and the board just screws you over. The revenge bar is just brutal in those cases.

In my power level tier, if you face for example a maxed Kashrek it’s difficult enough. If you add on top bad board, its even worse, when you add the revenge bar it is just brutal, given you miss some colors additionaly.

What do you think about that? Is there a workaround?

In the end it seems that going a triple color is a no go, and maybe even double color is not that good. Maybe going with a rainbow team against such team is better?

If I would change something, I might want to make the initial board only, have at least 5 tiles of each color, during AW only.

I would appreciate any feedback :slight_smile:

I honestly think that different heroes require different strategies. With raids if you get a team you don’t like the odds of you can simply reroll.

Wars is meant to be a different beast. It’s meant to challenge everyone to level 30 heroes and by that it doesn’t mean 30 joons. If you have trouble taking out a particular hero try a different combination.

If I want to kill a defense team with 3 healers, my approach is li xiu, boril, carver, Cyprian, li xiu. Carver isn’t great and my second li xiu is only 3^60… But by focusing on eliminating the opponents ability to heal and having them take damage when they try to kill me… I eliminate the struggle.

It’s not 100% success I’ll win, but that’s just an example of a team I don’t regularly use that works wonders in some cases. The revenge arrows aren’t meant to keep us from winning… They just dissuade the use of the same old same old.


Your right try a combination of different hero’s and also different abilities it also helps to be consistent and play the levels over and over so that you can level up your hero’s as well as your troops. Also allowing you to be able to craft items for battle for ascension ingredients as well. There is more to the game then what your seeing keep playing don’t get discouraged. I hope I was a little help if not please inform me of my own misunderstanding. Thank you have a good day

What if the revenge bar were much slower, but filled up a small amount per combo you got. This would make it fire much less often if you had a terrible board, giving you time to salvage a decent hit. If you’re doing well it would charge more quickly, evening out the battle.

The way it works now, is it takes the number of heroes +2 in turns to fill the bar. So the better you do the faster it fills, and if you don’t knock out heroes it takes 7 turns to fill again.

Basically it works that way already.

I like wars, and I’m not that new player :slight_smile:

I currently have 21 usable (for my level) heroes for AW, and bunch of other unleveled 3s that work miracles for cleaning. I am constantly expanding my AW roster.

Your proposed roster is fairly interesting. Why would you go with two reflect guys against 3 healers? Doesn’t the slow mana on all of those heroes really bother you, considering you don’t have any healers, you are facing the revenge bar, you are up against 3 healers, and again, if your board starts with 1-2 yellow tiles for your Lis? Given that all of the slow guys are fairly low on damage as well, I can’t seem that this strategy will win at all in AW. It could be somewhat decent in raids though.

What I usually do for AW is that I get one healer, double the color, and rely on Fast and Average mana guys that hit single or 3 targets. I bring my Cyprian only against heavily AOE comps or as a double up on my damage.

In any case, Doubling/Tripling colours in AW seems to suck extremely bad if the board screws you up.

That could work to some extenet. However making it too slow will kind of remove its idea. Maybe just a bit slower but taking into account combos as you mentioned. Still not completely sold on the idea but I like the way you think :slight_smile: @NitrousOxide is right about the current mechanic, and I really like it apart from the mentioned case :slight_smile:

Healers all fall into 2 categories in my opinion… Tanky or Glass Canon. I’ll break them down and explain why I feel this team has served me well, then address the mana speed concern.

Rigard, kashrek, kiril, and boldtusk are very Tanky heroes - and most of them boost attack or defense capabilities. The riposte skill bypasses their defense rating (actually, similar to the revenge arrows). The damage they recieve will always be determined by the damage they deal. So the more they deal the more they take without accruing mana.

Sabina and melidor are glass Canon, they have virtually no defense rating. It is easy for them to take damage, however they also heal for a good bit more than several tanks. While the riposte doesn’t get the same advantage against the lower defense… Since they cap at attack of over 700 it means they will take that much more for hitting my people with decent defense to begin with.

Now believe it or not, with riposte I don’t want a fast mana hero. The last two heroes I mentioned remove my teams buffs with their special (as do other average speed like caedmon and Sonya). If I put the buff up too soon it just gets removed. Neither riposte hero deals a lot of damage directly so allowing them to heal first doesn’t disadvantage me in the least. The average mana speed works too my advantage in those cases… And since it matches the speed from my mana attackers it is almost guaranteed to stick.

Basically with defense teams of several healers… Controlling the use of their abilities and turning their attacks against them is a decent approach. Again not 100% success but should make a strong impact even if I start with 2 yellow tiles since it just allows me to charge the riposte and follow up with mana attacks.

And sorry if you felt like I was treating you as inexperienced, I never meant for it to come across that way.

Edit : I didn’t cover Vivica or Delilah because going double yellow against either is asking for a loss.

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Basically with defense teams of several healers… Controlling the use of their abilities and turning their attacks against them is a decent approach. Again not 100% success but should make a strong impact even if I start with 2 yellow tiles since it just allows me to charge the riposte and follow up with mana attacks.

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