My Omina Harvester is not working!

I just activated my Omona harvester and am only getting +25% ! I’ve played 8-7 many times and am only getting 12 recruits:( when normally I get 10. Since its time sensitive, wondering if there are any fixes. I worked tirelessly in last POV to get it so super disappointed it doesn’t work properly. Please help!

How many runs have you checked doing?

Loot varies a little so 8-7 can give 8 recruits sometimes, in which case 12 would be the 50% buff.

Can you run it a few more times and see if you hit 15 recruits on other attempts?

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I did hit 15 a couple times. I guess that means it is working fine and now I feel pretty green! Thanks for the clarification.


At least you’re strong against blue :wink:

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