My official retirement – Adawg

Greetings empires and puzzles universe. My name is Andy, but several of you will know me through the game as Adawg.

Although I posted my retirement speech already in LINE, I do realize and understand that not every single player has line or uses it. I started playing roughly about 2 years ago. Had a marvelous wonderful time. Have made a lot of great friends. Have been a part of great alliances.

Wanted to specifically thank bong 1964, warlords United, organized chaos, infinite chaos, and any of the other chaos family alliances. Also as well as any other alliance that had me Merc for them to help take out Titans. I’m also grateful and thankful for the short time I ran my own alliance and was able to help multiple newbies as well as a couple of experienced players with bigger tips and pointers. I wanted to personally thank everybody that subscribed liked or comment to my YouTube channel which is still up by the way.

Wanted to thank @Faces of Death, @Wicked Jester, @Barry (OC) and @Dutchbrag from 7DD for being my four mentors helping me these last two years. The time has officially come for me to walk away. I have accomplished everything the game has to offer. I have completed every single seasonal event, as well as every single regular event. Season 1 and 2 obviously have long been completed.

I appreciate everyone for anybody that hasn’t had a chance to check out my YouTube channel You can type up Andy N in YouTube connected w Empires and Puzzles.

I wish everybody the best, thank you for all of the support. It’s just my time. Love you all and thank you for everybody that was helpful and supportive.


Have fun, cheers! Let me check out your yt now.

Edit: oh my gawd, your yt isn’t about empires and patience at all! :giraffe:

Edit2: Co teraz zrobisz z całym tym wolnym czasem, Andrzeju? :grin:

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It’s Andy N for YouTube channel

If anybody has LINE, mine is Adawg And I can send you the YouTube channel link

Blessings on your journey.

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