My Next Purple?

Im looking for my next project, here are the candidates:

5* - Peppermint, Thoth-Amun
4* - Tiburtus, Cupcake
3* - Aderyn

I was thinking Thoth, but havent read good reviews about him. I dont currently have any 5* purples on my roster who are leveled.

Tiburtus and Cupcake first - does Tibs have a costume?

Thoth has remained at 1/1 for me since I pulled him in the first Legends portal. His buff, and the 2017 HOTM mana bonus make him more viable but I wouldn’t say he’s better than Peppermint.

Aderyn will be useful if you can’t have many 3* healers, but otherwise I think you can leave her.

Do you have the mats for either of the 5*?


Agree fully with @JaR82. Those two 4 star heroes will be useful for a long time. Aderyn is a solid 3* healer, but both of the Legendary heroes are not MUST ascends. Work on the smaller heroes and see if the pulls net you a better purple in the meantime.



Unfortunately, no costume for Tibs. If I had it, I think he would be the clear choice.

Thoth and Peppermint have been earmarked for SE, Ive got two TC20 running now in hopes of getting enough. The only reason I was considering Thoth is because I dont have any 5* purple. In fact, i dont have any 5* fully leveled of any color, although im working on Ariel as we speak.

Since I havent leveled one yet, im not sure what mats are required for 5* purple.

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You are making a strong argument for Peppermint needing a buff if he is earmarked for SE with no other purples upgraded (or comparing unfavourably to a 2017 hero) :slight_smile: Both Peppermint and Thoth are serviceable, especially if you pick up one or more of their family members. But I agree with the previous posters, please start with the 4s.


Hey I could very well be wrong about Peppermint, Im only level 41 and vc2p, so I dont have a lot of experience with the newer, more powerful heroes.

Since the game is “random” when summoning, Ive learned that my best look is what I create(got Arial from FS), so thats why I am hoping for good heroes in SE. Then I will give them back all my S1 5* they have given me lol

How do you best use Cupcake? Look for enemies that create minions to match up against?

Tiburtus will keep you going for a while, especially if you LB him. Def down heroes are well worth it.

Like @jwilsonsaid If you’re thinking about putting them in SE, then don’t level them! Or, take them to 3/70 and see if you like 'em. You’ll get another one eventually.

Cupcake - yeah. Useful against minion summoners, of which there are many. Although I imagine you don’t come up against Hulda or Miriam and Midnight, much. Will be useful when you do, and her hit isn’t bad anyway.

Congrats on Ariel, an awesome healer. I wish I could have stayed playing as VC2P but I got sucked in. Don’t do it! You’re playing the right way, even if it can get frustrating. I sometimes chuck heroes together and try to find synergies just to make it interesting again. It’s much a better reward when you punch above your weight.


I think I definitely punch above my weight. I know this because when I see victories against teams who’s heroes have these really awesome special animations, I still often beat them hah

Usually finish top three in Wars and Titans because I pick my battles and am very select with tile management. I still have a ton to learn for sure though!

On the bright side of my roster, I was also able to pull Gaillard who I am excited to level.

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Sounds like you’ve got the strategy down - and congrats on Galliard! I still like snipers even if they’re not popular - and the anti-fiend mechanism is :chefskiss:

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