My next move: after 10 months two 5*s, Sartana or Thorne?

After almost 11 months, c2p, multiple pulls on events, almost 6 months of two tc 20, finishing the two modes of Atlantis, got some good prizes on events and tournaments, with items to ascend one 5* of each color (and a half) and not one 5*, I decided to give up and let tc 20 running without looking.

Got Sartana and Thorne.
Based on my roster and my deffense, offense possibilities… Sartana or Thorne first?
I know, both are 5*, but now I don’t get the rugged clothes (they all go on cadimon just two days ago, s*)…

Sartana is really good. I would not hesitate to max her.

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Sartana is a great hero. I would max her.

Thorne I think I’d wait and see.

Nice work on your roster. Your ready for some 5*


Here are your choices (ladies first):

You already have…

4* Blues:

  • Sonya
  • Grimm
  • Kiril

4* Purples:

  • Rigard
  • Sabina
  • Proteus
  • Tiburtus

Thorne is better for Defense, Sartana for attack. Which do you need more?

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Why is this an either/or question? Are you only doing off color feeding?


Agree, why not get both to 3/70? Play with them, analyze your needs and then decide to go with both or just one then.


Another vote for both at once. Feed only on-color and level up Sartana, Thorne, Melendor, Scarlett and Hu Tao at the same time. It’s not for everyone since it at times is very slow but it’s still more efficient.


Max them both. Take them to 3/70 and decide who goes first


So that’s the problem…
A purple hitter would be nice, but Proteus is way to good.
And Grimm it’s to squish. Sonya it’s a new addition, I finished her last week, and until now she’s been working well.
Kiril and Sartana have the same talent…
Putting in that way I see now that both would be great with my team…
I just need to learn let Proteus go…
He’s my first 4*

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One colour feeding most of the time. On the final stage (4/60, 4/65 until maximum) tc 19 of all colors.

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No, I find—especially in war—that I always have room for my heroes! :grin:

I still use 2 Cyprians (on different teams) for crying out loud… :wink:

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Defense I guess,
Attack I can stack 3 colors, make some combinations…
In my defense I need a well balanced team, other wise it’s revenge time for my enemies.
And a nice team on wars would be good too

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I mean, let him go from my main defense and offense team. I over used him.


In my honest opinion, with 1* heroes, it must be very high cost food, for me 4.60 and up it should be from TC2 and TC11 and also from trainer heroes. And for me, food is too valuable.

OK, back to topic, bring both to 3.70, and see what best, and maybe later you plan to pull get another heroes. IMO, both is okay heroes.

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