My Next Fire Project

Who should it be? Ill be wrapping up GF today.

Max Buster, he is great and extremly useful 3*. Then Zhabog would be my next choice.


These are the two that stood out to me too.


Buster looks like he would be good in Rush and against titans, correct?

Whats the best way to take advantage of Zhabog and his special/passive?


I use Buster on titans. I’d use him in rare rush, but I’d be hesitant to use him in rush wars just because I think he’d die quickly.

Zhabog is good with costumes and mana emblem nodes for epic tournaments to give a mana boost to some heroes.


Thank you. Are there any of those reds that are weak enough to feed? I need to clean up my roster after Christmas and BF pulls haha

Buster is great on titans and events (if you saw the last leaderboard he was on rare, epic, and legendary)… although buster won’t get past rare on most leaderboards he was more widespread due to green reflect.

Tournaments he will be great as well, rush wars you can get some short term use while building depth.

3rd hero to mention is Maheegan, but I would max the other two mentioned first (buster and Zhabog).


Buster as your 3* for sure.
For your 4* I would probably do Maheegan and c.Gormek (if you don’t have a minion specialist already) and Zhabog if you have enough DoT or status ailment heroes that you use for him to play with. I see Zhabog getting a lot of love but I find him to be a tad meh

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:


The reason I picked Zhabog is the mana he can give, for a beginning roster there is also a lack of depth on mana troops so 5% mana to the team can be huge.

I thought Zhabogs mana boost only goes to heroes who don’t have any family members in the team? Or have I read that wrong?

Elena has the highest power

You are correct, so would have to be selective in team composition, but I see multiple red families (Bard, Plain hunter, guardians, season 1)

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I think that’s the reason I find him to be a bit meh. I usually build teams with family bonus in mind. I Might find him to be better if I didn’t :smile:

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The only family bonus potential here is S1 which is garbage, the 5% mana is better IMO.

Even my more developed roster I have a hard time getting family bonuses, just slapping them together for same family often comes at the cost of synergy (and I really lack depth in most families, outside of HOTM)

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:thinking: Interesting. I use my Ninja’s together, Winter family, Gargoyles, Clash of Knights (Raven or Wolf), Moon, Sun, W3K etc. I’ve found them to synergise pretty well together and the family bonus usually helps out too. Have even started using my S1 heroes and HoTMs together where possible. I’ve just found it more useful for my playstyle.
I’m going to try a few raids where I use heroes independent of their families and see how I do.



In my honest opinion…

your next 3* Red for levelling should be both Buster and Rufus

And for your next 4* Red focus on both Zhabog and Maheegan…

Whichever heroes you choose good luck


Thanks for the advice all, I will go with Buster and then Zhabog.

Can I feed any of these reds away?

Also, if you all like this game, you can look at my other colors too lol

From what I can see the only ones that I would not keep would be Carol, Ei-Dunn, Friar Tuck and Mack

Good luck


I am a big fan of Carol in towers, use her all the time there. Not one I’d recommend to feed personally, the others can be sacrificed.


Yeah I would if I could… but… Quartz and Amertine sometimes I use together, but I have too many good purples to combine usually.

Winter… really nothing, I just have Krampus for 5*, only other one emblemed is Carol and she is a tower specialist.

Ummm Styx I guess I raid often with Nyx and Brontes in the same team.

It’s really hard outside of HOTM for me to put together some family bonuses in teams that make sense.

I have 2 4* W3K that I guess I can start doing for tournamanets (but they may be different families, have to look)

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