My next fire ascension

Alright, this forum was extremely helpful in determining my last dark ascension so now I’m turning to the community for advice on my next fire. I already have Emilio and Tyr maxed and I have 3 heroes sitting at 3/70 with one more mystic ring to go.

My options are Russell, captain Nemo, and azlar(and costume).
I definitely see the benefits of teaming up Russell with Emilio for the mana increase, while Both Russell and Nemo seem situational for raid attacks but not defense. I’ve had azlar for a while but passed on him last time for Emilio. I’m not sure any of them will be joining the ranks of my defense team ( eiora& fluffy, zuri, alfrike, Odin, and skadi) but all of them would serve their purpose in raids and tournaments.

I appreciate anyone taking time to respond! Thanks!

I would go for Russell for two reasons:

  1. Guaranteed hit so you have that one hero which will hit dodgers no matter what.
  2. If heroes already have a fire ailment from Russell, then follow up with Emilio so he does more damage that way.

Nemo is more niche due to him have to having a buff for him to do max damage. C. Azlar is great but he’s really a finishing hero since he is slow.

With your line up, pairing Russell with Emilio is your best bet.

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russel, great duo with emilio

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I have a similar issue and question. I have two yellow heroes (Sif and Joon) and two Red heroes (Marjana (with costume) and Russell. I’m not sure which ones to max ascend. Would anyone mind helping? Here’s the rest of my four and five star heroes:

Red: Boldtusk, Kelile
Blue: Raffaele
Green: Caedmon, Balbar, Kashrek
Purple: Chakkoszrot, TIbertus, and Sabina

Right now, i’m thinking of making my defense: Tibertus, Sif, Raffaele, Marjana, and Joon. Is it a bad idea to have two yellows on defense? I also contemplated Tibertus, C.Marjana, Raffaele, Russel, and Joon (which would be two reds).

Any advice?

Mountain, Russell pairs well with Wu Kong. Russell can benefit from the +185% attack boost and not worry about the accuracy loss since he never misses.

Asley, for you, I’d recommend Marjana(and costume) and Sif. Marjana currently is must have for titans for the EDD. And Sif is a great blocker. Forces the attacking team to play carefully. Joon is also a decent sniper to this day, but I’d still go Sif over Joon

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Thank you! Makes. I liked C. Marjana + Russel on defense because she provides EDD for both of them. Plus Tibs provides overall defense down.

But, Tibs, Sif, Raffaele, C. Marjana, and Russel make sense to me. I’d still be running two reds (and Russel would not be max ascended). Do you think swapping out Russel for a max level Caedmon would be better?

Thanks photon, I hadn’t even considered that option with Wu, Russell’s never missing makes him a lot more versatile then I previously gave him credit. Great recommendations!